Issuetrak Increases Help Desk Efficiency for Credit Unions


Credit unions, like all financial institutions, require functional and up-to-date technology to keep their operations running. When things go wrong and problems arise, issues must be handled as quickly as possible. That’s where the power of Issuetrak comes into play.

Issuetrak serves eight credit unions from around the United States for various issue tracking needs. Both Numerica Credit Union and Michigan First Credit Union use Issuetrak for IT Help Desk, an important service for credit union employees who need their tech working properly to access important documents, ensure processes continue to work smoothly, and communicate with customers. With Issuetrak, Help Desk employees can resolve issues at a faster pace with increased efficiency.

How does Issuetrak help credit unions stay on top of their technology issues and beyond? Here’s what our software can do for you:

Faster Response Times

Speedy service is important for any IT Help Desk, but for credit unions it’s essential that problems get resolved with no delay. Issuetrak has the automation tools you need to help the process move along without a hitch.

  • Auto-Assignment assigns out issues to the proper agents the moment they’re submitted.
  • Workflows (formerly called escalation rules) ensure no issue sits untouched for too long, and automatically escalates unresolved issues.
  • Alerts and notifications keep everyone involved updated and ready to jump in whenever necessary.

Organized Workflows

A team is only as efficient as its workflows, and for credit unions to stay compliant many key processes must be followed to a T. Issuetrak makes it easy to create simple or branching workflows that ensure your team never forgets a step! Using our built-in Task Manager makes it easy to check off what’s been done and see at a glance what’s still left to do. Assign specific agents to particular steps for even more visibility and accountability across your team.

Easy Reporting

Reporting is an essential way to recognize trends over time and pick up on any potentially faulty equipment. Issuetrak’s Report Writer makes it easy to collect, sort, and analyze the data for stakeholders, as well as to stay on top of any auditing or regulatory requirements.

Issuetrak also features a customizable Dashboard for viewing statistics on open issues at a glance, and the easily searchable issue database provides fast insight into past issues for reference when similar problems occur. The information will always be right at your fingertips, instead of spread out over email inboxes and spreadsheets.

Asset Management

Tracking and maintaining equipment such as laptops, phones, and printers is a huge part of keeping any organization running. Issuetrak offers an Asset Management add-on module that makes locating, performing maintenance on, and linking issues to certain devices a breeze. (Our own IT team uses the module to great success -- read more about their usage of Issuetrak here!)

Want to see for yourself how Issuetrak has all of the tools your credit union needs to keep its technical operations up and running? We’d love to give you a tour! Reach out to one of our Product Experts and we’ll get in touch today.


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