Perfect Tracking Remedy for Michigan First Credit Union Help Desk

One of the largest financial institutions in Michigan was long overdue
for help with its IT Help Desk.

Business Challenge

Chartered as Detroit Teachers Credit Union in 1926, Michigan First grew within the next thirty years to become the largest credit union in the world. Today Michigan First is a full service financial institution serving the needs of more than 55,000 members.

Michigan First’s IT help desk in Detroit supports 150 employees at four sites in a variety of areas-tellers, member services, lending, and collections. The IT support team is composed of only four employees who service everyone’s needs.

The support team’s primary challenge was one of organization and simply keeping track of the issues. Requests for help typically weren’t even received in an organized fashion. “People were calling us and just stopping us in the hall,” stated Lynette Holliday, Network Coordinator for Michigan First.


Michigan First Credit Union soon discovered that Issuetrak was the perfect tracking remedy for its IT help desk headaches. Issuetrak enabled the Michigan First IT support team to provide help quickly and more efficiently, and to stay organized and focused while tracking and resolving IT issues.

According to Holliday, “Issuetrak has enabled us to serve our employees faster so that they can stay productive.” Keeping employees up and running and out of IT trouble is the key to providing the level of service for which Michigan First is known. “As long as employees can remain functional our members are going to be serviced properly,” said Holliday.

“Issuetrak has enabled us to serve our employees faster so that they can stay productive.”

Lynette Holliday, Network Coordinator

Holliday also expressed satisfaction in Michigan First’s working relationship with Issuetrak, “Every time we asked for something the Issuetrak team was able to modify the software to our needs; and we had some pretty obscure requests - very unique to the way we do things.”

Issuetrak has enabled Michigan First employees to more effectively serve its diverse field of membership and to fulfill its mission to provide programs and services that will enhance each member's ability to successfully meet present and future financial needs.

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