What is Issuetrak Help Desk Software?

What is Issuetrak? Perhaps you typed that into a search engine, and now you’re here. Your boss has likely tasked you with the age-old request: “Find me software that will solve x, y, and z,” preferably for the lowest cost imaginable, right? 

If one of your searches has led you here, YAY! We’re so happy to have you. Ok, let’s get back to your question.

What is Issuetrak?

Issuetrak is help desk software that receives, organizes, and prioritizes tickets. You might also refer to this as ticket management. Any department can benefit from a system like this, including IT, Human Resources, Customer Support, etc. 

What problems does Issuetrak solve at your help desk?

  1. Keeping Up With Support Requests: Handling a high volume of requests with limited resources can lead to delays in response times and resolution (a.k.a stressed technicians and unhappy customers). Software doesn’t replace your team; it supports them.

  2. Balancing Multiple Priorities across several channels: When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Help desk professionals often need to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously. Issuetrak helps you spend less time triaging and more time problem-solving.

  3. Lack of Documentation and Knowledge Base: Inadequate documentation of known issues and solutions can hinder the efficiency of IT help desks. With a comprehensive knowledge base, help desk professionals no longer need to troubleshoot problems repeatedly, leading to shorter resolution times, reduced efforts, and maximized resources.

  4. Communication and Coordination: Communication gaps or coordination issues can lead to delays and misunderstandings, plus negatively impact customer satisfaction. With the right software solution in place, everyone wins.

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How does Issuetrak solve my problems?

Issuetrak solves problems by pairing software and exceptional customer service together.  

Our Customer Success team includes a dedicated account manager, our Professional Services team, and unlimited technical support for all customers; they are with you every step of the way. They have deep knowledge of help desk pain points and how to resolve them using Issuetrak. Check out the customer feedback on our website to read what they say about our service.

When we receive feedback, we are deliberate about deciding whether to implement it directly into our product. This is fairly easy to do when we talk to our customers and listen to what they have to say.

Our tenacious release tempo and product roadmap allow us to stay true to our promise: provide the best features and the most functionality-rich help desk software on the market at a fair price.  

Why do we do it?

Honestly, we’ve been in your shoes and we know what it takes to ensure your customers are well taken care of and your internal teams are equipped to do their best work. Our Technical Support team is the best example of how we leverage the power of our software to resolve more tickets in less time and achieve award-winning customer satisfaction results. 

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Issuetrak is an awarding-winning help desk software solution that solves everyday problems associated with ticket management. Dozens of industries work smarter and happier with Issuetrak’s help desk software. 

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