Software So Good, Even We Use It

Issuetrak's CEO Shares Why We Believe In Our Software

“A fully automated process lacks the human element. We strike the balance of both”– so says CEO Dan Flowers of Issuetrak.

When it comes to managing support desk and complaint tickets, technicians feel the pain and reap rewards as much as customers do! That’s why we formulate and reformulate our software to optimize an end-user’s experience - because we benefit as much as you do!

This exposé features CEO Dan Flowers on how much we live and breathe Issuetrak - and why our software is changing the face of business productivity for 2023.

Not Buried In Reporting - Metrics On A Silver Platter

“I don’t have to extract heavy reporting to see all the moving pieces. I don’t have to initiate a huge dig to get these metrics. The information is flat out clear every morning on a unified dashboard.”

Over our morning cups of coffee, the dashboard shows us where we are and where we need to be so we can easily check the overall health of our support team’s operations.

The dashboard overview helps us quickly diagnose any bottlenecks in what we deliver - so at a glance we can know: who’s having a rough day or week? Are there long-standing issues, or have tickets just accumulated? Is a ticket an acute problem - and should I warn the account manager? Is it just an upgrade with multiple open tickets?

The quick answer to these questions delivers us to even quicker solutions.

Solution-Focused, Time-Saving Software Architecture

“Five minutes of set up can monumentally increase the quality of operations, giving small and medium businesses better return scores and better customer service stats. We all want that.”

Change can feel daunting, but a 5-minute software set up relieves incredible pressure from any overhead – and gets the chess pieces moving.

Ticketing automation is powerful. It helps us instantly identify our problems so each department can get busy tackling the solution.

A small help desk staff or a two-person IT team can accomplish 10 times the work with ticketing software. Imagine the time and energy saved! Workers shift focus to bigger, forward-moving projects, and every end user has a better experience - all without the insane price tag.

Most importantly, our clients are never forgotten, always engaged, and always aware of their resolution status.

We Put The Power In Your Hands - And Fix It When It’s Not

“We often work with smaller companies who’ve tried using Outlook and Excel to keep on top of help desk tickets…only to realize it just can’t scale. Give me 2 hours with a customer like that – we’ll have their entire operation completely turned around.”

Issuetrak maximizes return on investment beyond measure. Two hours of a client’s time gives their company back invaluable time - time to spend on their own customers and strengths, rather than wasting energy on outdated manual help desk methods.

With just a few tweaks, a couple configurations, and customer support, Issuetrak’s software would take a small archaic business to an enterprise-level operation.

Tickets, Not Anarchy! An Empowering Automation Process

“There is power in creating digital processes that let your people do more of what they’re best at.”

And we’re not talking about laziness. We mean business! Effective and efficient work that gives us back more of what we value most–time.

We value our employees' talents - and we don’t want to squander them over menial tasks that are easily achieved with software automation or ready-made help center articles. Our tool enables clients with immense access and power over the software. It also frees up our experts to be readily available to support our customers in addressing bigger complex issues.

And if our arsenal of self-help tools doesn’t serve, we are always ready to take a customer call. We want empowered end-users to feel good about their end result - that’s what matters most to us. Our customers are listened to and heard with every opportunity to resolve any challenges.

Issuetrak CEO Dan Flowers
“I've never heard a customer complain that we reached out to them too frequently or that we try too hard to help them. Nobody's ever complained about that.” Dan Flowers, CEO of Issuetrak

Our Product, Our Philosophy

“A fully automated process lacks the human element. We strike the balance of both.”

The Issuetrak product is modeled on our philosophy: a philosophy of support, understanding, and clarity. We constantly put ourselves in the seat with our partners to understand a problem from their side.

…Which is why we use our own software – for constant vigilance, consistency, improvement, and a better product to benefit our customers as much as ourselves.


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