What an On-Premises Upgrade Means to Your Help Desk

Upgrades drastically change the face of software—and choosing not to upgrade crucially determines the effectiveness of your help desk.

Why is it worth it to upgrade your on-premises software? Why does this make your company happy?

Whether mandatory for your industry or not, self-hosted software versions don’t last forever. Much like an iPhone or Windows update, if you aren’t staying up to date with the latest version of your chosen help desk software, you run the risk of losing out on modern functions that were expressly built to improve your process.

It’s critical to upgrade your on-premises software solution to the latest version and avoid this kind of lag. The benefits of an on-premises upgrade to your help desk software include:

  • Maintaining security and keeping bugs at bay
  • Staying up to date and compatible with any Windows or SQL Server updates
  • Having the latest functionality in your help desk software process

Software Updates Build On Each Other To Improve Your Help Desk Process

CEO Dan Flowers often says, “We take security very seriously.” Since the Texas native took over Issuetrak in 2020 (after many years serving in Issuetrak’s other departments), security measures have been at the forefront of every Issuetrak update and development sprint.

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Issuetrak help desk software has undergone giant evolutionary leaps over the years. Now on the cusp of version 16.2, we took a lot of customer feedback into account to improve our software for the market’s most urgent demands. We’ve had noteworthy upgrades over the last few years that customers have absolutely loved.

recent product updates

For example, SeaTec loved the TrakMac upgrade for the increased visibility over assets. From an IT perspective, having visibility over who accesses an asset from moment to moment helps preserve security and audit trails.

Other Issuetrak customers benefited from our upgrades to our Identity Management module. Previously, customers struggled with newly authenticated accounts producing duplicates. Now, the module checks for existing user accounts first, thereby battling duplication of any existing Issuetrak-authenticated user account. 

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You can see more of the evolution and direction of our product on our Product Roadmap. But this glimpse is meant to show you how drastically upgrades change the face of software—and how crucial it can be to your help desk if and when you don’t upgrade.


Upgrades IT Teams Won’t Hate

Many IT team members may dread an upcoming software upgrade. Fighting through the red tape of getting an upgrade approval can be timely and costly. 

Moreover, IT teams may have concerns for how smoothly the upgrade process will be, as well as hesitations over any unexpected challenges that could arise—such as combatting pesky bugs or not meeting system requirements when trying to upgrade.

This is where a great support team matters. We’re very involved in the conversation (if you want us to be) and commonly offer test-site trials and demos you can show your stakeholders for an easier, expedited approval process.

Issuetrak Support also walks teams step-by-step through an upgrade process. They’re so good at what they do that you don’t even need to read the documentation. Of course, you can read the guide if you’d like—but we’re here to hold your hand anyway. 

We just want to make change easy.

Did you know? Issuetrak also implemented AD Federation Services, Azure AD, and OIDC / OpenID Connect. Read these updates and more on our Product Documentation page.


Upgrading (Or Not Upgrading) Will Affect Data Security

Development teams across all software vendors are constantly making updates via bug fixes, improved functionality, and new layers of security to combat hacking attempts in an ever-changing IT security terrain. (The MFA upgrade was helpful in this case, for example.)

Our security webpage provides more detailed resources to explain our safety measures when delivering on-premises software solutions to your organization.


Meanwhile, consider this: the landscape of IT security, internet accessibility, and interoperability evolves quickly. The world’s technology is just barely keeping up against security threats, database leaks, bug interference, and glitches in the Matrix. 

The most modern on-premises upgrade is built to protect your business’s data and best practices. You’ll want to be on the other side, the secure side, of an on-premises upgrade, should any mishap occur. This is why keeping up with the latest updates your software vendors are developing is essential.


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