What Is Identity Management (and Why Is it Important)?


Security is essential for every organization, especially when you have many employees using multiple different systems with unique levels of access. Most organizations will utilize some form of identity management to ensure that all of the moving parts are accounted for -- that each individual within the system has the proper access and that data is tightly secured.

What exactly is identity management? It’s the verification process in place for ensuring the right person is logging in to a particular system and receiving the correct level of visibility and access.

Enabling two-factor authentication on your phone or using a single sign-on to log into your work laptop are examples of identity management from the end user’s perspective. On the back end, a database containing each user’s identity and privileges continuously updates and ensures that everyone can access what they need to -- and the wrong people aren’t allowed in.

Why is Identity Management critical?

While it may seem like overkill to have such a complicated system in place to verify identity and control visibility, for many organizations, this level of security is essential. Identity management systems provide a number of benefits, from security to user experience and beyond.

1. Increased security

With identity management protocols in place, security and data breaches are much less likely to occur. Stronger passwords and failsafes such as two-factor authentication provide another layer of difficulty for those looking to gain unauthorized access. Limited access and visibility among users can also mitigate the threat of insider attacks.

2. Better compliance

Identity management keeps data locked down tight, helping organizations to meet the requirements of strict industry regulations.

3. Streamlined user management

With users organized in a centralized database, adding and editing new profiles and managing access and privileges becomes much easier.

4. Improved user experience

Streamlining and simplifying the login process means users can quickly access what they need to get their work done.

Is Issuetrak compatible with Identity Management solutions?

Issuetrak proudly offers integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory, which in turn allows for compatibility with both AD FS and Azure AD identity management systems.

These integrations allow Issuetrak users to log into their sites faster, safer, and more securely, including One-Click Single Sign-On for both Cloud and Premise sites. You can head to our Help Center for plenty of resources regarding how to get started with our Identity Management integrations and what they mean for your Issuetrak site.

Not an Issuetrak customer yet? Head to our website for more details about what we do and how we can help your organization with issue tracking and process management software to improve your business operations!

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