15.8 Release: Multi-factor Authentication for Increased Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and One-time password (OTP)

As the internet grows more dangerous, our attention to security must also grow! This is why Issuetrak is moving beyond traditional username-password memorization. 

We’ve taken security to new heights with MFA capabilities in Issuetrak 15.8 so you can keep up with best business practices. Just hop into the Password Policy screen to require MFA for all Issuetrak-authenticated user accounts, and you’re on your way to higher security measures.

How MFA Works in Issuetrak

Authenticate access to your system via MFA between devices. Alternatively, opt for a constantly-rotating Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP). This generates a 6-digit code in an authentication phone app whenever you sign into Issuetrak.

The phone or device you choose for authentication will generate a batch of one-time-use backup codes. Save these in a secure and safe place for your eyes only. 

Are you the type who doesn’t have separation anxiety with your phone? Perhaps you happen to leave it elsewhere away from your workstation. This is where that single issue of backup codes comes in handy: you can always resort to one of your single-use generated codes to get into your database. Any cyber-attacks on one device still block hackers from access. Simple logic. Hyper-secure. 

Other Features of MFA

Remember Me

We get it—greater security measures aren’t the easiest to get used to. So we’re also giving you the convenient option on the login screen to "Remember Me for 30 Days". Less hassle, more security—wouldn’t you agree?

Email One-time Password

If your Issuetrak site enables Outgoing Email (OEM), you can send one-time passcodes to users from the View User Details screen. If you choose to enable the required MFA, then the email method will be required by default. Once this is configured, you can choose to switch to the app-based TOTP.

End login sessions for users

More than ever, security is of prime importance. 15.8 is bringing that much closer to guaranteeing data protection for your organization and your client base. 

In the event an employee moves on from your workplace, you’ll want to make sure they don’t accidentally take any confidential information with them!

What better way to secure data access than a one-stop motion to boot users out? You can move forward knowing you’ve secured data by safely closing any active user sessions in other applications.

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You can explore in more detail these and other minor bug fixes in the release notes at our Help Center. You can also visit the Help Center for more information on multi-factor authentication.

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