Customized pricing plans to fit your team’s needs and budget.

Issuetrak is a personalized solution. Every configuration is unique.

Because of this, we choose to steer clear of a one-size-fits-all price. The more you can tell us about your organization’s needs, the more accurate a quote we can develop for you.

Here’s what you can expect from our free, personalized quote process:

  • A product expert will reach out to gather all the details that define your business
  • Together, we'll identify the various pain points that Issuetrak was made to handle
  • You’ll receive a quote that's made for you

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What our customers are saying...

We are extremely pleased with Issuetrak! Our employees have found it simple to use and love receiving email messages regarding issue status.

Lisa Beck
Farmers State Bank

Issuetrak is one of our favorite vendors—as far as technical and customer support—Issuetrak rules!

Marion Lancaster
Virginia Department of General Services

I can honestly say that there is no software vendor I deal with that gives me the level of support and attention everyone at Issuetrak does.

Donald A. Farland

Your needs. Your choices.

Issuetrak End Users Get More
Issuetrak allows your end users to do more than just submit issues. With over 50 permissions, Issuetrak end users can complete tasks, edit issues, close issues, receive email notifications when the status of an issue changes, run reports, and more.

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Maintenance Plus
The Issuetrak Maintenance Plus package provides self-hosted Issuetrak customers with world-class technical support and access to software updates. This package is required for each customer’s first year and costs 20% of the total licensing fee.

In the Cloud or On the Ground
While Cloud hosting is popular, many of our customers require a self-hosted option. Our deployment plans provide the flexibility to choose how best to implement Issuetrak. We also offer annual or lifetime options for those looking to host Issuetrak themselves.

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Add-On Options
Need a little something extra? Issuetrak has six add-on features perfect for organizations with specific needs. From Active Directory integration to Asset Management, Web Surveys, and more, extend your Issuetrak functionality to meet your specific priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which users need licenses?

Only agents (users who can have any level of permission) need licenses. End users are free (and unlimited) and don’t require licenses!


What are Empowered End Users?

In Issuetrak, end users are empowered with the capability to complete tasks, add Knowledge Base articles, receive email notifications when the status of an issue changes, and more. Issuetrak's end users have more than 50 permissions!


Do you require a minimum amount of licenses to purchase?

There’s NO minimum number of licenses required! Your team can use Issuetrak regardless of how many agents you have.


Can I add more licenses in the future? How?

You sure can! Just give us a call at +1 (866) 477-8387 or email us at [email protected].


Is my data safe?

Your data is safe with us! Backup recovery is included in all tiers, as well as SSL encryption. And we’ve built in a host of other security measures to address common vulnerabilities.

Do I have options for hosting?

Of course! Choose Issuetrak Cloud hosting or install the Issuetrak application on your servers. You can even choose to lease or purchase with the On-Premises option.


Can I easily change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade any plan at any time. You can downgrade your plan at the end of your contract term.


Are there any add-on fees?

To give you even more functionality, we offer add-on modules—Active Directory, Asset Management, Billing, and Surveys—for an additional fee.


What if I need help?

We’ve got you covered with 24/7 Support and a Knowledge Base chock-full of articles and answers.


Have more questions?

We’ve got more answers! Call us at +1 (866) 477-8387 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Solve your issues in one worry-free place.