Traktip - Searching and Reporting on user defined fields

It’s time for another Traktip! Please note that as of version 15.7, Queries are no longer required to run reports.

Last month, we shared how you could create an unlimited number of User Defined Fields. We focused solely on creating fields that appear in your issues. You can also create a limited number of User Defined Fields at the Organization or User level.

Once you have your fields created and are using them in your issues, of course you want to be able to search and report on the values in your fields!

Searching User Defined Fields

Any user that is allowed to see the User Defined Field on the issue record can search on the field using the “Search Issues” menu.

Remember that for each additional field criterion you add to the search, you’re narrowing your possible results. In order for an issue to be returned in search results, it must meet all the criteria selected. The more options chosen, the more specific the search is.

  1. Click "Search Issues" on the left menu
  2. Scroll down until you see small text in blue reading “+ add user defined field to search criteria” and click the link
  3. In the pop-up, using the dropdown select which of your User Defined Fields you want to search on and click “+ add to search”
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each User Defined Field you want to add to the search. (You only need to add the specific fields you want for this specific search)
  5. Input your search value
  6. Scroll to the top or bottom of the page and click “Search”

Your results will display as a list, unless you’ve chosen a different output option. From your results you can export the data to Excel, or click to drill into specific issues.

Reporting on User Defined Fields

Only users with the permissions to view Reports and “Can add, edit, and run Reports” can create a report that includes User Defined Fields. Having your User Defined Field show up in your reports all starts with using the Report Writer.

Your unlimited number of issue-level User Defined Fields will appear in any dataset that includes issue data.

Once you select the relevant dataset, you can simply pick from the list of User Defined Fields you want to appear in your Report.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to see this in action via a quick demo, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager. We’re happy to help!!

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