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Do you need to import a large amount of data into your Issuetrak site? A group of users, a collection of important knowledge base articles, or maybe assets that need tracking via our Asset Management module?

Our Data Services team works with you to upload your data seamlessly and without any headaches on your end. We’ll walk you through the basic steps!

What sorts of import services do we handle?

  • Standard data imports: This includes basic data such as organizations, departments, locations, users, and limited non-PC assets.
  • Non-standard data imports: This includes more complex data such as knowledge base articles, issue types and subtypes, and other miscellaneous data.

  • Issue imports:  This involves importing issue information from an existing system to a new Issuetrak site.

How do I prepare my data?

Our team will need you to fill out one of our templates to prepare your data for the process. These spreadsheets can be found in our knowledge base and contain detailed steps for how to organize your data. Our team can help you determine which template best fits your data.

How can I request an import?

Reach out to our Support team and they’ll put you in touch with Data Services to begin the discussion and answer any questions! You can also visit our knowledge base for more details and pricing information for this service.

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