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Although I rate Issuetrak highly, by star reckoning, all categories look equally strong. This is not the case. Where these folk truly shine is in the Customer Support arena. These guys rock! And, they use their own software. Submitting an issue with them is just like what we do in our office. And seeing how they use their product gives us a better understanding how we may do things. It’s great! Please forgive my hasty opinions. I’ve only been using their product for almost 20 years. I could be wrong. BTW: We’re hosted in the cloud now. Yeeha!



Issuetrak and don’t look back!
This is a solid product with top-shelf customer support. I’ve used several of the big ones which all have their own share of issues (no pun intended). Issuetrak handles our facility issues well. With automated ticket creation and pass-through authentication, it is simple for users to create tickets. On the dashboard page, I can get an overview that benefits my position as IT Director to know at a glance what is happening. No system is perfect, which is why this isn’t a pure 5-star review, but with a quality product offering combined with good prices and the best customer service I’ve come across in years, don’t hesitate to give Issuetrak a chance.



Super easy to use and extremely functional.
We have been using Issuetrak for about three years now. We began using it as an issue tracking system for our company and since it has evolved into so much more! We are now using it for IT/HelpDesk issues, Customer Service, and our VendorHelp platform. Anytime we have a problem or need help with something with the site, the support team at Issuetrak is always prompt in assisting. I would recommend this to anyone and give 5/5 stars!



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