Topics for the 2019 Issuetrak User Conference


We’ve just finalized the details: the topics for the 2019 Issuetrak User Conference are a go! We listened to suggestions and comments from last year's attendees and used that feedback to make this year's event better than ever.

When you join us this September, you can expect plenty of hands-on activities, concurrent sessions to allow you more variety and choice throughout the event, more networking opportunities for connecting with other Issuetrak users, and more!

Ready to see what we have in store for you this fall? Take a look at our full list of topics:

Getting to Know You: Meet Your Fellow Issuetrakkers!

Get acquainted with other conference-goers and have an opportunity to introduce yourself at this networking and ice-breaking session. You'll learn how other attendees use Issuetrak and gain some new ideas for your own organization.

Tools to Build Tasks: Working with the Task Manager

Here’s your opportunity for some hands-on experience using the Task Manager! After a short presentation on Task Manager best practices, you’ll build a simple process as well as a more complex workflow.

This Issue’s On Fire: Escalations and Automations

Automation and escalations are key features that help customers get the most out of Issuetrak. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how Business Rules can help you work with issues. Build your own set of escalation rules that you can apply to your Issuetrak site!

Trak Your Data: Issuetrak Queries and Reports

Get hands-on experience with Issuetrak experts on building queries and reports. You’ll learn all about how to turn your queries into reports formatted to group data just the way you need it!

Zap Your Emails with IEM Integration

This breakout session will focus on using IEM with Zapier, a third-party app that can link Issuetrak’s Incoming Email feature with other apps across the Internet. You’ll build your own “zaps” with the help of our facilitators, allowing you to automatically create issues via social media, text, and more.

Q&A with Product Experts

This breakout session is an open Q&A forum with our product experts. Come prepared with all of your most pressing Issuetrak questions and get ready to learn!

What You Need to Know About Webforms: Case Studies and Demo

Learn about Issuetrak’s new Webforms feature and how it can facilitate better, more detailed issue submissions. We’ll walk you through a few case studies of how Webforms have helped our customers and show a live demo of their capabilities!

Connect Your Issues Using Projects, Global Issues, and More

Learn the ins and outs of the Global Issues feature, which allows you to link similar issues together for organization and efficiency. You’ll also learn how to leverage the Projects feature to group and report on related issues.

Hauling Freight with Asset Management

This breakout session will take a deeper dive into Assets. You’ll learn how to work with both PC and non-PC Assets in Issuetrak, and how to run reports on your assets within the program.

Security and Issuetrak: Better Safe Than Sorry!

Security is key! This session is an overview of Issuetrak site security for both Cloud and Premise customers. We’ll review where product security ends and where server security and administration take over. We’ll also take a hands-on approach to show you free tools you can use to assess your Issuetrak site’s security.

Issue Visibility: Keeping Everyone On the Right Trak

At last year’s conference, we gave a detailed presentation on the layers of visibility in Issuetrak. In this session, we’ll be working on a hands-on activity that gives you a chance to think through your own site’s visibility configuration. At the end, you’ll know exactly how to segment issues within Issuetrak!

Trakking Across Your Organization

Issuetrak can be used across a variety of departments, from HR to Sales to IT and more! Tour our usage tables and get a better idea of how Issuetrak helps many different departments work faster and more efficiently.

Visualizing Your Issuetrak Data with Power BI

Learn more about how to leverage Power BI and visualize your Issuetrak data more dynamically than ever! You'll see how to export your data into Power BI, how to run reports, and more.

Do you have your ticket for the 2019 Issuetrak User Conference yet? Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to network with other Issuetrak users, talk in person with our Pro Services and Support teams, and get a comprehensive lesson in all things Issuetrak! And don’t forget to take advantage of our special Early Bird Pricing, which runs from now until July!

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