Moving to Cloud Maintenance Saves You Time and Money

Lower your costs without compromising security.

You could invest thousands in professional help desk resources—or you can host in our cloud environment instead.

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Moving to the cloud was once a breach of the unknown. Now, cloud-hosting is steadily becoming the preference. Customers often ask us, “How do I benefit from moving to the cloud?” If you work at a help desk, the greatest benefits of managing tickets via a cloud-hosted software service are:

  • freed-up time spent on self-hosted server maintenance
  • reduction of unnecessary resource expenditures
  • ease of access
  • security taken seriously

Why Move to the Cloud?


Maintenance Done For You

With Issuetrak Cloud, you no longer have to deal with the tedious maintenance of self-hosting. Overseeing software licenses, infrastructure, and hardware are things of the past. Chores like battery backups, network backups, and software renewals are no longer your problem. Issuetrak Cloud saves you time so you can get back to honing your industrial craft.

Lowered Costs on Resources

Cloud maintenance is your ally for long-term growth and income generation. Reduced maintenance requirements don't just save you time and frustration - there are massive cost savings when software licenses and asset management are removed from the equation. 

For companies that have little choice but run lean, investing in cloud services is a good option to stretch your budget.

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Issuetrak’s cloud price-to-feature ratio is competitive, especially when compared to the cost of operations. 

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Ease of Access

When hosting a site in the cloud, any user with internet access can log into that site at any time, cutting out the need to be on a company network or computer. Access and agility are especially valuable for an organization with a remote workforce or a high number of field employees.

Security Taken Seriously

The greatest fear IT engineers grapple with is putting faith in the cloud to store their data. The storage and communication of sensitive information is a legitimate concern, often begging the question: How can I ensure my cloud-hosted data is as safe as it would be with me? 

When cloud services ensure high levels of security and meet certain standards, IT professionals don’t have to worry about compromising their data security.

We take our Cloud security measures very seriously, including:

  • Physical security
  • Network security 
  • Monitoring, system, and data security
  • Data maintenance
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Environment continuity
You can find more details about cloud security on our website.

Not sure which deployment is best for you?

If you’re still unsure about moving to the cloud and want to know more about which option is best for you, read our blog post:


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