Launching now: Issuetrak 15.1 with helpful updates

Sarah Buchholz
Written by: Sarah Buchholz

May 24, 2022

NORFOLK, Va. — With the release of version 15.1, Issuetrak, a leading Norfolk-based ticketing software company, now offers helpful updates in every corner of the product, starting with a revamped, powerful help menu.
Issuetrak’s new help menu lets agents, also known as licensed users, find the answers to their questions faster than ever before. A contextual Help with this page option instantly connects users to information relevant to the page they’re using, further saving valuable time. The help menu now also features direct links to report a problem, reach Issuetrak’s Help Center, contact Issuetrak, and our About page.

The Issuetrak team strives to provide wraparound support from our Sales team, dedicated account managers, Professional Services team, Technical Support team, and beyond. This latest release accomplishes that and more.

"We're always trying to lower barriers and make work easier for folks,” said Jon Rivera, Issuetrak’s Director of Product Management. “In this case, 15.1 really makes it easy for agents to connect with us and even submit tickets to our stellar support team without having to leave the context of the application."

Along with a revamped help menu, another useful update in 15.1 is enhanced support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). While FIPS compliance is required for federal government users, it is equally beneficial for non-government entities, like Issuetrak and its customers, that are dedicated to providing the strongest information security available.

Issuetrak’s last three releases, versions 14.9, 15, and 15.1, have all contributed to creating a more streamlined, easily accessible customer experience. Where other ticketing software solutions leave customers on hold, Issuetrak believes in putting the power of information into the hands of agents and everyday users. Version 15.1 especially helps customers find the answers to their questions faster than ever before.

“We’re working to make it easier to interact with all of Issuetrak,” said Dan Flowers, Issuetrak’s CEO. “In particular, we want to provide a seamless experience as we make sure all of our customers are able to take advantage of our constant work to improve Issuetrak. The new ‘About’ lightbox makes version and update information immediately accessible, along with direct access to any support needed to get those updates in place.”

Over the course of 2022 and beyond, Issuetrak's development team plans to continue to expand and perfect the Issuetrak customer experience. To learn more about upcoming releases, features, and upgrades, visit Issuetrak's Product Roadmap.

About Issuetrak

Based in Norfolk, Va., Issuetrak is a leading provider of ticketing software perfect for help desks, complaint management, customer support, and more. First released in 2000, its signature software package has become robust workflow automation and process optimization platform. The company has won numerous industry awards, including Small Business of the Year, multiple Inc. 500/5000 placements, and is a three-time winner of the Inside Business 'Best Place to Work' awards. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner. For more information, visit

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