How Easy Is It to Use Issue Tracking Software?

How easy is it to use issue tracking software?

A good SaaS vendor makes it easy to adapt to using new issue tracking software systems in various ways:

  • providing and consistently updating a comprehensive Help Center for users and agents to access self-guided training.
  • providing Professional Services to complete routine processes and lift the burden of tedious tasks off
    the help desk employees' shoulders. 
  • providing top-notch support to help curb fears of a long learning curve.

How does Issuetrak make it easier to use issue tracking software?

Agent resources for self-guided software use

By supplying professional support team services as well as an intensive Help Center of self-guided articles and videos, your issue tracking vendor should ensure no agent gets left behind on the learning curve.

However, beware! It is sadly too often the case that a support team tries to troubleshoot an agent’s question or a customer’s query with outdated articles sent over email. 

One Issuetrak customer shared his frustration, complaining about a vendor who tried to smooth out his problem with a lackluster email and links to four year-old KB articles.

That's what customer service venues need to understand: you can't communicate issues over email. I'd rather spend time troubleshooting an issue than calling support on the phone - but I'd call Issuetrak's support in a heartbeat.

Keith Young
Senior Technician, SeaTec

WATCH: Secrets to SeaTec's Help Desk Success: An Interview with Senior Technician Keith Young


We are grateful for our own Pro Services team and Technical writers, who spend considerable time auditing and updating Issuetrak's Knowledge Base to ensure information is up to date for users.

Cover more ground with Pro Services at your side.

Learn More with a Product Expert Now
Work with a team whose 99% customer satisfaction score will match your own. Get issue tracking software for your help desk in an easy 15-minute set up with 10 hours of professional training included. 

Taking Advantage of Professional Services

Every help desk bears the burden of tedious, routine tasks. Issue tracking software vendors should offer quality services to take charge of necessary, repeatable tasks for you. 

Issuetrak's customer support team consistently scores 99% for customer satisfaction - and not for nothing. As a people-first organization, our rule is to understand you as a person, not a number for a quota.

Making it Easier for Agents to Avoid a Long-Learning Curve

Your team’s resistance to adopting it could significantly inhibit your choice to adopt new software. The required training and reskilling for agents leveraging a new tool takes effort, time, and resources. 

Some software providers make it easy for agents to adapt to new platforms—while others don’t. 

Our own Technical Support team offers around-the-clock support with multiple contact points, including a webform, phone line (which so few providers have now), Chatbot, and email. Depending on the scope of your operations, service, and help ticketing needs, setting up Issuetrak can be as complex or easy as you need it to be. 

Issuetrak partner Andrew Stadler from the Harbert College of Business shares:

“The initial setup was easy! Training the staff on how to use it was also quite simple.”

Other platforms might not be as user-friendly.

How Easy is Issuetrak compared to Zendesk or Jira?

While Zendesk is a popular customer service solution, it has some drawbacks to consider. These include its cost, limited customization options, and complexity in setting up and utilizing its features.

We can always expect a learning curve when adapting to new software, but Jira can be especially challenging for new users to learn. Numerous complex and advanced features, making Jira’s platform difficult to get used to.

Cons of using Jira include:

  • Most people who use Jira require a minimum of 10 hours of training before they feel comfortable with Jira’s basic available features. 
  • Integration with other apps is time-consuming, and some parts of its software configuration are confusing. 
  • Users have complained about the inability to download reports—and any attempts to download a report with an external app affect the final resolution quality. 
  • Jira limits file size uploads, which may keep the product fast, but drastically affects the speed with which agents can resolve tickets.

These inhibitors not only increase frustration; they also prevent employees from completing what should be simple tasks.

A simpler software solution that’s easy to set up and learn will let you get back to the jobs you do best—so when it comes to routine tasks, you can let automation drive.

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