Secrets to SeaTec’s Help Desk Success: Interview Highlights

What does it take to master high ticketing volume and excellent customer support at your help desk? According to SeaTec’s Senior Technician Keith Young, Issuetrak is the answer.

What is SeaTec?

If you ever wondered who develops the WIFI or inspects the cabin and seats before your flight’s takeoff, SeaTec is the one. A consultancy specializing in aerospace, defense, and transportation, we probed SeaTec’s lone IT Technician about the pains and strengths of a consultancy’s help desk.

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What are some of the help desk challenges you face as an IT professional?

As SeaTecs only IT technician overseeing hundreds of assets, there are a lot of moving parts. The choice for this job was between me and a third-party company with a 30-person team. When I got the job and first started, the SeaTec team had so many “Quick! I needed it yesterday” issues to be resolved. 

But a ticketing solution gives time back to my day that, otherwise, I’d spend figuring out a solution to each problem. You can’t put a price on that. If you find the right help desk solution, don’t question spending money on it, especially if the software company you hire knows their product. And you guys sure know your product!

So you’ve run the gamut and gauntlet of different help desk software solutions. What did you find out?

I loved using Issuetrak from the start. SeaTec’s formerly used asset management system for IT help desk, ITGlue, was so plain and had zero flexibility. Other software solutions often have login issues and are tedious to use, even when trying to simply locate a help ticket. 

I search for simplicity in an IT help desk solution. I have everything I need from Issuetrak. And it’s exciting to keep learning the software since there are many features we haven’t even tapped into yet!.

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You’ve worked with us for some time now. Tell us: how has Issuetrak grown with you?

I spend 98% of my day in Issuetrak. Beyond the IT Asset Management module, we’ve expanded with more Issuetrak sites HR and Security Compliance. We also manage four airlines through our Solutions desk, another site which is customer-facing. 

Some of the most useful features include setting triggers, or a time-based mechanism, for anything bug-related. If someone doesn’t respond, I get a notification prompting me to follow up.

We’ve recently acquired Aerosoft (ASI) and have implemented them with an Issuetrak site as well. As a one-person team myself, it’s been great getting to collaborate with a new teammate. The Aerosoft team is raving about how easy it has been to adopt Issuetrak. They like how descriptive the software is: from the machine model, the model manufacture, the bios, the firmware, the software installed, the software date installed, the version number—and even how easy it is to initiate a scan and have it post to Issuetrak. It leaves us wondering, what don’t you guys have?

You know we have to ask—how does help desk ticketing software help SeaTec better serve its customers?

I set up scheduled email tickets every month and customers love it. I follow embedded task flows within that schedule. I don’t see your same level of automation capability in other help desk software models. Their timers are a gem. They remind me to reach out to unresponsive customers every two weeks about the status of their asset.

Favorite feature(s)?

Your Knowledge Base is so helpful. People have such different learning needs and some like to be self-taught. It’s good for both worlds. The simplicity of using Issuetrak saves time in my day, too. And of course, your customer support is like the Marriott's or Disney’s.

What stands out when choosing one help ticket solution over the other?

Customer service is everything. It’s vital to me. I’m a one-man show and my time is very limited. 

Customer service venues MUST understand that you can’t troubleshoot issues over email. Most reference documentation and knowledge base articles that other support teams send me aren’t even up to date. Customer support would be so frustrating that I had to slam my laptop on my desk!

I would rather burn 6 hours of nonsense time figuring out an issue than to call one of these reps on the phone, whereas in a heartbeat, I’d call up your guys just to talk to them. I mean, look how big of a company Adobe is! Yet, I’d rather spend after hours and overtime to solve an issue myself than to call or email their service desk.

You guys are top-notch. I tell people, “You need to look up this Issuetrak company. They make you feel so warm.” It’s so rare to find these days. I can call without getting an automated system. I’d like to suggest that Issuetrak give a seminar to all these service bureaus out there. You should train their staff on customer support. 

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