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Previously, there was no way to de-escalate an issue once it had been escalated in Issuetrak. With our 11.10 User Conference update this past January, we have updated the software to allow users to de-escalate issues as necessary.

This feature may be useful in the case of an erroneous escalation, or if your team has handled the problem that caused the issue to be escalated and you no longer wish it to have the escalated designation. Removing the issue’s escalation ensures that the issue will not impact your reports, dashboards, or SLAs.

Escalated issues now have a link at the top of their “View Issue” screens that reads Currently Escalated or Previously Escalated. This link leads to an “Escalation History” pop-up that contains a history of escalations and de-escalations for this particular issue.

In order to de-escalate issues, you’ll need to turn the feature on in your Issuetrak site. We’ll walk you through the steps.

Activating and Using Issue De-Escalation

1. Click the gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner. Select Features from the System category in the settings lightbox.

2. Under Issue De-Escalation, select Activate Issue De-Escalation.


3. After activating, the De-Escalate button will appear on a “View Issue” screen if the following is true:

  • The issue is escalated
  • The current user must be able to view the issue
  • The current user must be logged in
  • The current user must have the “Can Edit Issues” permission

Note: an issue does not have to currently be open for a user to de-escalate it!

3. Navigate to the issue you want to de-escalate and open it.

4. Find and click the De-Escalate button at the top of the “View Issue” screen.

5. Accept the prompt that appears.


And there you have it! Now you can de-escalate issues as needed in your Issuetrak site.

If you have any questions about issue de-escalations, please reach out to your Account Manager! We’re happy to chat with you!


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