Introducing The New Issue Hub!

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Big news: we’re introducing a new, easier way to view, manage, and update your issues all in one place! Meet the new Issue Hub, an update to the My Issues page with a new look and new functionality.

Access and organize your issues with the click of a button, and perform fast updates on groups of issues at a time with this incredible new tool!

  • A sort and filter drop-down that lets you easily search and organize your issues.
  • Customization tools for tabs and columns to suit your team’s needs.
  • Improved performance including faster load times, multi-item select, same-screen settings options, and more.
  • Mass Issue Updates allow agents to select groups of issues and immediately apply any of the following updates to them:
    • Close Issue
    • Assign Next Action
    • Add Required By Date
    • Update Issue Class
    • Assign / Unassign Issue
    • Add Target Date
  • Escalation Rule and Substatus Rule integration extends and expands the capabilities of Mass Updates with our automation tools.
  • And much more…

What do these enhancements mean for your team?

Help your agents do more with less. We know this year has been difficult on businesses, and that many teams are operating at a lower capacity than usual. With the Issue Hub, smaller teams can work faster and get more done with just a few clicks than ever before.

Your Issue Hub, your way. See only the issues you need to see, however you need to see them. Our customization options let you build out a completely unique view on your Hub so you and your team always have visibility on the most important issues.

Give your agents more control. Now for the first time ever, non-Admin agents have the power to Mass Update issues with the click of a button.

And more enhancements to come! Have opinions on what we should add, change, or improve next? We always love to hear your feedback. Submit your ideas to here!

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