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This week we’re continuing our series on the upcoming Issuetrak 14 release with a look at the new left and right navigation menus!

In the latest version of Issuetrak deployed to customers, users will see a left navigation menu and a top navigation menu. These will be completely reworked in the new update, with the left menu receiving an overhaul and the top menu disappearing completely. We’ll also be including a brand-new right menu!

These changes will help users move through Issuetrak more efficiently, saving time and clicks and ensuring all the information is right where it’s needed at any given time.

Want to find out more about how this new navigation system will operate? Read on for the details:

The Left Menu

Our new left menu has been redesigned to provide a more streamlined look at your main navigation options within Issuetrak.

1. Logos

We’ve rearranged some of the logo positioning within the product due to removing the top banner. Though the location of the logos may be changing, we’re working to ensure a seamless transition from their old placements to the new and will be resizing as needed to maintain appearance.

2. New Issue Button

We’ve placed a “New Issue” button within the left menu, easily accessible and always available when you need it. Use it to open a new issue from anywhere in the product in a single click. If you’ve customized your Issuetrak site to refer to “issues” by a different name, the button will reflect that naming change.

3. Static Options

Originally, the left menu was a dynamic menu that changed depending on what page you were on within the product. We’ve changed this menu to show a static set of options now. Our intent here is to provide users with the most basic fundamental aspects of the product as a “home base” they can always return to.


We’ll be discussing this feature more extensively in our next blog post in this series, but the left menu will provide a bookmarking tool for navigating more quickly to frequently-visited areas of the product.

5. Collapsible (Along with Right Menu)

Both the left and right menus will have the option to collapse, allowing you to expand your view of Issuetrak and focus on what you’re working on. Right now our team is still fine-tuning how this functionality will work, but we intend for it to respond automatically based on your window size and resolution. At some resolutions the sidebars will automatically collapse to expand your view of the application.

The Context Menu

The context menu, or right menu, is an all-new addition in this update and will provide context options for your current Issuetrak page, much like the old left menu. The menu is made up of two distinct areas:

1. Context Options

These options will reflect both possible actions and navigation links based on your location within Issuetrak. This includes both options directly related to the page itself and options that might be more hierarchically related.

For example, if you’re on the page to create a Custom Screen you won’t just see context options for Custom Screens -- you’ll also get options for features like Issue Types, User Defined Fields, and other aspects of the Custom Screen creation process. This will provide users more visibility into what’s possible within the product and allow them to navigate through their options with fewer clicks.

2. Related Links

In addition to the context options, we’re also working closely with our Pro Services team to provide links via a “Related Links" section to other pages in the product that may be tangentially related to the current screen.

These options may not be directly related to the current screen, but would still make sense in terms of workflow. For example, if you’re working with Users, you may see a "Related Links" option for quick access to Organizations.

Our Pro Services team will be ensuring that our choices for this section of the menu are strategic and intuitive, but we also want to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see included! We’ll be relying heavily on customer comments and responses to the new changes, and will be looking to our users to hear what works, what doesn’t, and how we can continue to make Issuetrak better.

Nothing here is set in stone so if you can think of something that might improve the release, please let us know via our feature requests form. And keep your eyes open for more blog posts this month, featuring more sneak peeks of Issuetrak 14!

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