Issuetrak 11.4 Features User Interface Improvements

We have exciting news: last week we proudly released Issuetrak 11.4! 

This update comes full of User Interface improvements, specifically within the System Settings menu.

The look and feel of the menu has been standardized and improved for this update. Some specific changes include:

  • Left-aligning the page content, rather than centering it, for ease of use 
  • Section headers for better navigation to easily find the content you need
  • Bolded option labels for emphasis and improved navigation
  • Horizontal rules to indicate section breaks so content is easier to read

These updates and more will provide a better experience for administrators who need to make changes to their site settings, as well as for new Issuetrak users navigating the product for the first time. We have also made sure that these changes will render properly in all of our supported browsers!

This release is only phase one of the planned UI improvements on our product road map.

We can't wait to show you more of what we've been working on in future product updates!

Want to read more about Issuetrak 11.4? Check out our Release Notes for all the important details!