5 Benefits of Setting Up Issue Tracking Software at Your Help Desk

The payout is immeasurable when you optimize your help desk with the aid of a solid tracking platform. Here are some key benefits of setting up issue tracking software: 

  • increased adaptability
  • custom-designed automation workflows
  • trend reporting
  • savings on resources
  • smoother user and customer experiences

Enjoy increased adaptability.

As your organization grows and shifts, so will your tech stack. Luckily, issue tracking software can offer a simple process for your most complex operations. Many organizations may start with just a few help desk agents to address employee or customer support tickets. As business grows and ticket volume increases, those same organizations require more intricate functionality. Issue tracking software offers time-saving automation, custom-configuration, reporting (and if the vendor is good, a dedicated support team) that you can alter to match and expand with your customers’ needs and employees’ bandwidth.

Create custom-designed automation workflows.

Custom-designed workflows and automated notifications assure you’ve placed your investments in the right place.  Whether employees work in an office, hybrid, remote, or field setting, these features preserve issue tracking agility. Agents can focus on core tasks while software is tracking and escalating issues seamlessly for your organization’s help desk based on rules and criteria you define. 

Supercharge your help desk.

Enjoy these benefits and more when you optimize your help desk with software. Get set up today.

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Spot trends and prevent recurring help tickets. 

Powerful reporting ensures you can follow trends at your help desk to preempt recurring issues.  This highly sought-after feature gives you valuable, rapid insight into customer intent, recurring problems, and your help desk agents’ dexterity. For example, Issuetrak’s at-a-glance dashboard reports put actionable insights front and center—or right at your fingertips if you want to show customers proof of your performance.

“We have been able to catch trends in issues and figure out a solution to prevent the issue from continuing to occur.”

Andrew Stadler Harbert College of Business

Cut costs and save resources. 

The suite of automation features in issue tracking software helps you take full advantage of resource-saving integrations. For instance, integrating Zapier with Issuetrak makes inter-app communication easy, allowing agents to get tasks done more efficiently. 

“Issuetrak is cutting 75 percent of the time I used to spend on customer support requests. I get hours back in my week that I can spend on getting new business.”

Linda Link, President Answer Quest Technologies

Curate a smoother user and customer experience.

Easy to use software alleviates agent fears of adopting a new system that’s actually quite easy to use in the first place. Professional training guarantees a smoother experience for agents and customers, leading to quality interactions and increased customer satisfaction.


SeaTec, Senior IT Technician

What capabilities DON'T you guys have? Issuetrak has everything I need."


Silver Diner, Senior Network Administrator, IT

“Having a tool like Issuetrak helps us live up to our 110% brand promise by immediately correcting any problems and helping us turn customer experiences around.”


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