16.1 Release: Request Agents Button and User Reactivation

Our 16.1 release makes it easier to request additional agents and reactivate users via Identity Management. 

Issuetrak 16.1 continues making help desk ticketing easier. This release introduces:

  • An easy button to request additional agents right within your site
  • An improved user reactivation via our Identity Management module.

Explore full details in our Help Center release notes or keep reading for 16.1’s highlights.

What’s new: Request Additional Agents Button

We’re taking quality-of-life improvements to our Help menu a step further. You can now request additional agents for your Issuetrak site by clicking the “Request Additional Agents” button. You can also access this same button on the License page.

Click the button for a small pop-up window where you can specify the agent count you need and leave a personal message, too (even if just to tell us how great we’re doing!). Your request will go directly to the account management team for processing.

What We’ve Improved: User Reactivation via Identity Management

Identity Management ensures you keep managing your Issuetrak user base via the same system already in use at your organization.

See: What is Identity Management and Why Is It Important?

User Reactivation takes that a step further by ensuring any reactivated users in the Identity Management system carry over to Issuetrak, whether during an import or when a previously inactive user attempts to log in.

For On-premises Partners: Automatic license updates

We now provide a toggle that enables automatic license updates.

This eliminates the need to push the “Update License” button after making license updates

What an on-premises upgrade means to your help desk

Upgrading to the latest version of Issuetrak will always ensure you stay up to date with the latest in functionality, security, and speed. Don’t sacrifice your help desk to an outdated system. 

Stay tuned for all product developments on our Product Roadmap.

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