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Get fast access to whatever information you need with help of our intuitive reporting tools. Issuetrak lets you easily run reports, search archived issues, and see trends over time.

Scheduled Reports

Whether you need stats for a weekly meeting or monthly status update, there’s no need to manually run and send the same report over and over again. Issuetrak allows you to schedule and send reports automatically to save time.

  • Update team members and stakeholders on a regular basis without spending time re-running reports or drafting emails.
  • Set the send time to whenever you need, as often as you need it - whether that’s once a year or three times a day.
  • Send reports in your optimal format: CSV, Excel, or HTML.
Issuetrak Scheduled Reports Illustration
Issuetrak Dashboard Illustration


Get up-to-date details on your team’s open issues in one convenient, customizable place.

  • See your most important data at-a-glance with easy to read charts and tables.
  • Fully customize your dashboard to show all of the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Organize and sort your open issues by Issue Type, Subtype, Escalated Issues, and more.

Report Writer

No matter what insights you need, Issuetrak gets you the information fast with our detailed Report Writer.

  • Drag-and-drop fields let you custom-build your queries to your specifications.
  • Use filters and logic to highlight specific data and for more precise reporting.
  • Easily save and share reports with other members of your team.
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