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Automation, reporting, custom forms, alerts, knowledge base, and more.

Manage multiple processes in one single application.

Our robust and flexible set of features puts you on the fast track to high performance with auto assignment, flexible reporting, automatic alerts, and custom forms that let you automate, customize, and maximize your everyday workflow.


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Automatically escalate issues that have been open or idle for too long. Close orphan/abandoned issues.

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Auto Assignment
Assign issues based on predefined criteria to help minimize issue queue backlogs.

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Workflow / Task Management
Automate and track workflows across your entire organization.

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Custom Forms
Speed up your processes by customizing routinely used forms.

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Recurring + Global Issues
Improve efficiency for inspection or maintenance issues by automating repetitive items and linking issues tied to the same problem.

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Alerts + Notifications
Built-in email notifications and Incoming Email help streamline how you create, submit, and update issues.

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Get up-to-the-minute stats on your open issues with Dashboard.

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Summary Reports
Run Summary Reports built right into the system.

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Scheduled Reports
Use Scheduled Reports to automate report delivery to any user or email address.

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Issue Search
Use flexible search terms to find data, and view results through various output formats.

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Report Wizard
Build your own queries and customized reports with our Report Wizard.

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Saved Searches
Use Saved Searches to quickly retrieve stored search criteria.

Email, alerts & notifications

Submit and update issues and requests directly into Issuetrak with a simple email. Built-in email notifications can be configured to alert you whenever issues are submitted, assigned, updated, closed, and more.

  • Automatically convert emails into issues and support requests.
  • Notify users that their requests have been received and assigned.
  • Automatically determine issue type and the proper assignee.
  • Automatically add notes to issues from responses to system-generated emails.
  • Read email messages from IMAP, POP3 or Exchange.

Task manager

Automate, track, and streamline workflows and process management across your entire organization with the Issuetrak Task Manager. Define your processes, set them up in Issuetrak, and ensure everyone follows the same steps every time. Get better control over change management and approval, user onboarding, or any other routine multi-step process. Set up simple checklists as well as complex branching workflows. Assign tasks to any individual or team and automatically send alerts when their tasks are ready.


Customized Forms Icon

Custom Forms
Create the forms you need. Include specific issue types, change messages, choose fields, and more.

User Templates Icon

Get more accurate information with pre-filled fields based on your common issues.

User-made Forms Icon

User-defined Fields
Create an unlimited number of fields with your own customized issue labels.

Customization Icon

Advanced Configuration
Manage multiple processes, workflows, and users in a single software application.

Reports and Dashboards Icon

With six different reporting methods and customized output, you can see all the data you’ve ever wanted.

Custom Configuration Icon

Connect Your Issues
Define unique processes, customized for change management, user onboarding, or any other routine multi-step process.

and more...


Get more visibility and control with Issuetrak Projects. Use Projects to link issues and track labor hours, expenses, and progress. Include attachments for documentation and view up-to-the-minute stats with built-in reports. Limit project visibility and access to project members only.


Create calendar events directly from an issue and include all relevant issue information. Use Out of Office rules to reroute Issuetrak email and issues when team members are away from the office. Create event reminders on your Issuetrak homepage and opt to receive email notifications for important issues or event dates.

knowledge base

Develop your own web-based, self-service portal for accessing FAQs, common resolutions, standard policies and procedures, and product and service information. Create private and public articles. Include attachments and links. Create articles directly from issues in your system.

service level agreements

Improve accountability, quality of service, and compliance by monitoring response times and issue close rates. Define service levels based on issue severity. Access at-a-glance stats through the Dashboard.

mobile access

Access a shortened version of the Issuetrak interface that allows you to submit, search, and add notes to your issues, view your Dashboard, and search the Knowledge Base—right from your phone.

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Active Directory
Running Microsoft Active Directory? Create, authenticate, and update users from one place with Issuetrak’s Active Directory module integration.

Asset Management
Improve operational efficiency by tracking PC or non-PC inventory. Manage hardware and software information, licensing, warranties, equipment, repair schedules, and more to maintain compliance.

Invoice customers for products and services directly from Issuetrak. Manage work orders, personalize invoice templates, and more.

Issuetrak Chat offers a real-time chat integration for fast and easy communication. Convert chat transcripts to issues for assignment and escalation. With chat, supporting your customers has never been easier.

Issuetrak’s Surveys module enables you to easily generate online surveys to be sent automatically when issues are closed or sent to a specific target audience. Collect and analyze your results to identify trends.

Web Forms
Powered by the Issuetrak API, a custom Web Form allows anyone to quickly, easily, and securely submit requests, complaints, and issues directly into your Issuetrak system. Automatically route issues to the appropriate internal team.

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