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Every company has to hire new employees at some point. These could be for new positions as your company expands, or for existing positions due to turnover. Frequently, onboarding a new employee requires tasks that cross departments. For example, while IT is preparing any computer equipment needed, Facilities needs to set up a work area, Human Resources will need to complete new hire paperwork and training, while Payroll will need to make sure all documents are in order.

Using Issuetrak Tasks and Issue Templates for Onboarding

Issuetrak can help you make sure that when you onboard a new employee, you follow the same steps, each and every time. Issuetrak’s Task Manager will let you create Task Groups with the steps particular to your process, assigned to the proper person or team for completion. You can create as many steps as needed, and even break the process up into separate Task Groups to creating branching options, in case some tasks aren’t relevant in all cases. 

Issue Templates set you up for easy issue submission success. Once you have your Task Group or Groups created, you can create a Issue Template and associate your Task Group to it.

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Creating Task Groups

You’ll want to start by creating your Task Group. Only agents with the permission “can access and maintain Administration functions” can create Task Groups and Issue Templates.

  1. Navigate to the Settings Lightbox and click "Tasks"
  2. In the Right Context Menu, click "Add" under "Task Groups"
  3. Give your task group a name and click “Save”
  4. From the list of Task Groups, scroll down to your newly created group and click “Edit”
  5. Click on the “Task Manager” button
  6. In the pop-up, click “New Task”
  7. Define your task by adding a name, whether it’s a completion task or Yes/No/NA, setting an optional dependency, and assigning it to a person or group
  8. Click on the disk icon to save your task
  9. (Optional) Repeat steps 5-7 to add additional tasks
  10. Click “Save” to close the pop-up and populate the tasks to the Task Group
  11. Click “Update” on the Task Group to lock everything together

Repeat for each Task Group you want to create. 

Creating Issue Templates

Once you have your Task Groups defined, you can create a Issue Template to finalize your template used to submit your New Hire issues.

  1. Navigate to Issue Templates via the Settings Lightbox and click "Add"
  2. Give your Issue Template a name, such as “New Hire”
  3. Fill out any additional relevant fields
  4. Scroll down and click on the “Task Manager” button
  5. In the pop-up, from the dropdown that says “Add Task Group”, select the appropriate Task Group that kicks off your process
  6. You’ll get a confirmation message that you want to add all the tasks, click “OK”
  7. Click “Save” to close the pop-up and populate your tasks to the Issue Template
  8. Scroll to either the top or bottom of the Issue Template page and click “Save”

Now, any time you have a new hire, submit an issue using the Issue Template and know you’ll kick off your process and get it followed through to completion!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to see this in action via a quick demo, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager. We’re happy to help!

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