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Issue Templates (formerly known as Quick Picks) help make issue submission more efficient by allowing you to pre-define certain information and values within an issue. For example, let's say you have aIssue Template for employee onboarding -- this Issue Template could pre-fill a description with instructions and prompts for information, automatically attach necessary documents, and load in a pre-made task list. You can add in a pre-determined Subject, Description, Issue Type, Subtype, Priority, Email Distribution List, and more -- even User Defined Fields!

Any issue routinely submitted through your Issuetrak system is a good candidate to become an Issue Template. Here are some examples of processes an organization may want to create an Issue Template for:

  • Employee onboarding or offboarding
  • Bug reporting
  • Incident reporting
  • Office supply requests
  • Maintenance requests
  • Performance reviews

There’s no limit to the number of Issue Templates you can create -- or to the number of specific functions any of your Issue Templates can serve. Let’s take a look at how to create an Issue Template within Issuetrak.

How to Create an Issue Template:

1. Go to the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. A settings lightbox will appear. 

2. Select Issue Templates under Issues. In the next screen, select "add" listed under Issue Templates in the right context menu.

3. Select the Issue Type. Upon doing so, the Issue Templates screen will expand with more options.

4. Enter an Issue Template name that helps users determine what the Issue Template means.

5. Enter a description for the Issue Template.


6. (Optional) If you want only users with “Can view and select from Private Issue Templates when submitting issues” permissions to see this Issue Template, select Private.


7. Select / Enter any other appropriate field values or information.

8. (Optional) Use the Task Manager to add any relevant Tasks to the Issue Template. (You can read more about the Task Manager in the Help Center.)


9. (Optional) Select Include Attachment(s) if you need to add supporting documents. The upload screen for the attachment will display upon submission of the Issue Template.


10. Click Save.

The Issue Template will now be saved, and Issuetrak will display a “successful save” message along with the Issue Template’s number. At this point, any time a user with the proper permissions submits an issue, they'll have the option to select and load your Issue Template!

As always, if you have any questions about Issue Templates or would like to see this in action via a quick demo, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager. We’re happy to help!

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