Popular Spiceworks Help Desk Alternatives 2023

Spiceworks is best known for its free help desk software offering. While Spiceworks has a lot to offer at a price point everyone can get on board with, soon, it will no longer offer support for its on-premise, self-hosted option. It’s the cloud way or the highway for current users. 

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The cloud transition is one of many reasons you may be looking for Spiceworks alternatives. Or perhaps you’ve outgrown Spiceworks’ basic features? If you’re in the market for the best software option to host on your premises, look no further than this list of top Spiceworks help desk alternatives to aid your decision:

Spiceworks Alternatives


OneDesk may be one of the market’s most affordable help desk solutions. Packed with features like integrated email, automation tools, and a knowledge base for only $9/month or $108 annually per agent, you can hardly beat it.

checkmark1 $9 per agent/month or $108 annually
checkmark1 One price for on-Premise and cloud hosting
checkmark1 On-premise hosting is only available for annual or longer-term subscriptions
checkmark1 OneDesk sticks to the basics: Knowledge base, ticket automation, and integrated email
checkmark1 View OneDesk’s list of features

The basics are a great place to start, but what happens when your business has grown beyond what is feasible with one solution? Add-ons can be instrumental in scaling your business without changing vendors. 

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If there’s a bit of wiggle room in your budget to invest in your next Spiceworks help desk alternative, HelpSpot might be the one for you. Loaded with tools like agent collision detection, custom fields, a knowledge base, time tracking, and saved responses, HelpSpot is a strong contender. 

checkmark1 Starting at $699 annually or $14 per agent/month
checkmark1 21-day free trial available—a whole week longer (!) than OneDesk
checkmark1 One price, regardless of cloud or on-premise deployment
checkmark1 20,000-user community and forum
checkmark1 No add-ons or tiered pricing
checkmark1 15% discount for nonprofit and academic institutions
checkmark1 A robust collection of features: custom fields, saved responses, and agent collision detection, to name only a few
checkmark1 View all of HelpSpot’s help desk features


JitBit Help Desk

Another favorite established in the early 2000s, JitBit is a well-rounded, relatively affordable help desk software alternative to consider. Its impressive features and website contain helpful information about services and how it stacks up against popular competitors like Zendesk.

checkmark1 Cloud pricing starts at $299 annually or $29 per agent/month
checkmark1 On-premise, self-hosted pricing starts at $2199 per year for up to 10 agents
checkmark1 The free trial version doesn’t expire—download and test as long as you want
checkmark1 Comprehensive features not limited to: canned responses, email ticket generation, subtickets, knowledge base, reporting, etc., all offered in multiple languages. 

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Perhaps these cost-conscious options have left you wanting something more robust— something that will grow with you. If that’s the case, download our comprehensive competitor analysis guide for an honest review of other competitors in the help desk space. 


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