Spartanburg Community College gives A+ for support


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Spartanburg Community College (SCC), located in the Upstate area of South Carolina, is a public, suburban, two-year comprehensive, open-admission institution of higher education with five campuses spread across Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union counties.

They needed a better ticket management system that allowed for them to have a central location for storing all their historical data. According to Bruce Cannon, currently the Client Manager in the Information Technologies department, “When we found out [Issuetrak] could include inventory tracking, the decision was easier. And having a survey management tool for feedback pretty much made our choice a no-brainer.”


SCC initially implemented Issuetrak in 2005 after evaluating almost ten other systems. They had two must-haves: Compatibility with Microsoft, and web-based. SCC is a Microsoft shop, so they needed the compatibility with other existing systems. The web-based requirement was to keep up with the times, as the world seemed to be moving in that direction.

They also needed a robust system to manage the 2000 computers they had at the time, and to be scalable as the college grew and expanded.

Based on the strict procurement processes, they were required to look at multiple solutions. After the evaluation process, Issuetrak rose to the surface based on cost, features, customization abilities, and ease of use. “We dropped everything in the pot, turned the handle, and Issuetrak filtered out,” according to Cannon.

“There may be other ticketing solutions out there that are as good or better than Issuetrak (we have yet to find one). However, to find a better support team this dedicated is damn near impossible!”

Bruce Cannon, Client Manager, IT

SCC found that Issuetrak had everything they needed, and more. “It was truly our only choice,” said Cannon.


SCC has seen several benefits since their implementation of Issuetrak, including saving both time and money due to their increased efficiencies. They also see improved communications amongst their team members. They currently have almost 1,800 users that use Issuetrak for customer support, help desk, issue tracking, and workflow management.

The one benefit Cannon emphasizes is the customer service provided by Issuetrak. “In discussing our procurement process, [vendor] customer service never entered into our thinking. We had no idea. Anyone can tout great customer service. When we began our deployment, we quickly realized what the [Issuetrak] staff was willing to do to help us achieve our goals.”

SCC discovered that over time, needs change. They recently converted from hosting Issuetrak internally to utilizing the Issuetrak cloud offering. “We are now employing an outside vendor to handle some of our afterhours help desk. We have this company set up in Issuetrak so they can take calls and enter issues.”

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