SOS For Your Help Desk: Are You Managing Requests Efficiently?

In 1992, a young man bore horrified witness to a fellow colleague beleaguered by requests. A keyboard. A mouse. A password reset. The poor IT guy couldn’t walk the halls without his daily duties interrupted by menial tasks.

This isn’t simply a Grimm’s folktale for IT people - the young man was none other than our own founder Hank Luhring. After witnessing the all-too-common fiasco of IT personnel getting stretched in 3 different directions, he knew he had to create a remedy. He saw an opportunity for greater efficiency at company help desks.

We only speak to our expertise because our expertise is based on experience.

Yes, that’s right. First-hand, we’ve played with every method in the productivity playbook to smooth out wrinkles in our own help desk procedures.

We truly believe in our software’s ability to create a better workspace and world because - when you leave trivial tasks to software - you are free to devote your time and passions to what matters most: your relationship with your customer!

After all, you go to work to exercise your talents, not squander them on bureaucratic paper trails. Why not let the software do the work?

Shorten Wait Time And Keep Internal Customer Loyalty

We’ve all been victim to lengthy email threads or getting ghosted by customer support. Or worse: you’ve already paid for the Amazon package, but you can’t track the shipping status and have no idea where your order is!

Better to keep customers in the know - wouldn’t you agree?

There are better ways - and even better return on investment - to keep your clients loyal to you and up to date on their query. Imagine a magical force alerting consumers, in real time, without you having to lift a finger. Too good to be true…right?

We’ve got news for you. It’s only half true - it’s not magic and it does exist…it’s simply the power of automation! You can absolutely keep track of the status of every issue for every customer.

The moment a user submits an issue on Issuetrak, the wheels are in motion. The Issuetrak engine churns once a customer clicks their problem from an easy dropdown menu - and the motor bustles all the way to the final resolution of their (and your) problem. Voila!

Help Desk Technicians’ Solutions: Single Source, Traceable Ticket

Speaking of waiting…Behind the screen, we forget how much traffic a help desk experiences. Sure, we’ve all been customers frustrated by the long wait for redemption when we have a problem.

But lest we forget - the help desk is a mountainside roller coaster for those working on it. Help desk personnel might host customer queries dozens to one. When you are only one amongst dozens, what are the chances you fall to the bottom of the pile?

That said, every help desk could do with organization and prioritization. At the click of a button, you should be able to dig out an email thread or prioritize responses to urgent requests at the drop of a hat.

Support desks succeed at just that when they make use of categorized, super cohesive software. In the words of one of our partners, “chargebacks to clients each have their own ticket, with the ticket number noted on the corresponding invoice.” We’ve even used our software to submit and trace our own issues with each ticket cataloged from the outset.

Over time and trial, we’ve developed a portal proficient at streamlining workflows, so problems are escalated at the right time to the right person with the best skill set to accelerate a thorough, timely solution to your problem.

And we would only pass on to you a tried-and-true solution. No hocus pocus - just facts about an IT help desk software that truly helps humanity, your business operations, and job sanity!

If you need a software solution like this to help your business manage help desk queries in a zero-to-ninety turnaround, Issuetrak just might be the solution for you.

Help Desk Ticketing Specific To Your Organization’s Needs

A customer made us absolutely giddy when she exclaimed she had found “exactly what she wanted…and it was all in Issuetrak.” Issuetrak software provided this client with a plethora of practical features, like automatic e-mail handling, an easily customizable interface, editable HTML pages, strong and responsive tech support, and lots of user-defined fields.

Wait a minute - that was a lot. Let’s break that down again:

Features Benefits to YOU

Automatic email handling

So no one gets forgotten in a dusty inbox or sky-high paper piles

A customizable interface

Using YOUR lingo to customize labels, ultimately matching your brand voice and making it that much easier for help desk staff to get to a resolution for your customer

Editable HTML pages

Adhering to your brand image and giving your site any facelift you want with specialized coding to spruce up your site

Strong and responsive tech support

…accepting requests at any time of day or night and responding quickly through workflows

Lots of user defined fields

So problems are identified quickly, manageably and easily passed on to the next step towards resolution 


It looks like that user got exactly what her company needed.

Other users can say the same (and they have). These features are just a portion of the advantage Issuetrak software can offer you. Read on to see how else Issuetrak keeps your biz running full-tilt…

Common Hang Ups At Every Help Desk

Whether it means you answer your customer’s questions, or we answer yours, the gritty job of IT help desk comes down to tailoring each use case for your success.

Response times

We’ve all been there, at the other end of the line, unsure when the resolution to our problem was coming. If you’ve ever felt like just a number in line, why would you ever want to offer anyone else that kind of support? Response times vary when you take it on alone. The benefit of software to keep tabs on all queries ensures you don’t have to go it alone, you remain timely and transparent, and you can keep a bird’s eye view of when employees deliver answers, solutions and excellence.

Requests in every direction

Your help desk gets bombarded and disheveled with the chaos of incoming requests. Ours does, too. (That’s why we have automation on our side!)

No matter where you are, the help desk can be chaotic without a proper tracking tool to facilitate timely solutions. Don’t forget the story of Hank’s IT guy who was likely pulled away from a larger issue to address someone’s broken mouse!

With a software tool to manage requests, file complaints, and organize subtasks, teams have breathing room to apply themselves to their true talents and to their customers.

Help Desk Pain Points Infographic (1)
Reclaim Your Greatest ROI: Your Time

With your professionals expertly handling their tasks, and customers receiving updates and resolutions in record-speed turnaround time, you’ll efficiently execute workflows time and time again. And a team in synchronized rhythm is unstoppable.

What does that mean for your customer? For your organization? For you?

For President of Answer Quest Technologies Linda Link, it meant “cutting 75% of time spent on customer support requests and [getting] hours back” in her week.

For you? You’ve gained sanity, regained time, and you’re keeping yourself on track.

Calm. Clarity.

And oh, the possibilities! Imagine what you can do with time…?!


Get your time back. Get help desk clarity.

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