SOMERO® Tackling Customer Support with Ease and Efficiency


Customer Overview

As “leaders in leveling,” Somero® makes huge concrete placement jobs easier, faster, and more profitable with cutting-edge, laser-guided machinery that guarantees superior concrete flatness. They serve clients such as Amazon, BMW, UPS, IKEA, and many more.


  • Efficiently handling a high volume of customer support tickets across 3 call centers
  • Automating a reliable workflow with visibility & reporting
  • Tracking equipment sold to customers


  • Installed one Issuetrak system to facilitate all 3 call centers while limiting issue visibility to individual locales
  • Set up automatic ticket creation via email with auto-assignment to customer service reps
  • Created simple workflows for tracking tickets from start to finish
  • Implemented Asset Management module that allows equipment tracking by customer or serial number

“We’ve fully implemented Issuetrak in all three of our locations—the US, UK, and China. In my opinion, Issuetrak has enabled us to provide a much higher level of service, to both our external and internal customers, than previously possible. As with any new software implementation, there were plenty of bumps in the road as we learned (and continue to learn) how to best utilize the software in our organization. With the majority of the implementation dust now settled, we’re now investigating more of the advanced options.”

- Roger Kangas Call Center and Global Parts Sales Manager


Somero® can now leverage one centralized system for managing issues submitted to multiple locations. Admin can control the visibility of issues based on the individual call centers. Employees benefit from defined workflows that automatically alert them to their next task and a system that makes updating their progress on an issue quick and easy. Somero® managers can customize reports to review data on individual call centers or on all three, which increases visibility and provides more options for reviewing and using data.

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