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Change is never easy. When you’ve been doing things a certain way for a long time, upsetting the status quo can become a major challenge. However, change is an inevitable part of the workplace, and at one time or another your organization may choose to do something differently -- such as adopting new software.

Whether you’re making a change from one software solution to another or implementing a solution where there once was nothing, here are some tips to ease the transition and smooth out any unnecessary bumps:

Know Your Team’s Needs in Advance

Before beginning your software switch, be sure to pinpoint the most pressing, important needs that your team requires the new software to fulfill. Identifying these key goals for the new software helps to set expectations and ensure the new software will provide the most value possible for your team. It can also prevent you from committing to a software that lacks a crucial aspect that your team needs.

Get Everyone On Board

Not everyone will be thrilled about adopting a new software -- in fact, user adoption can be one of the most difficult parts of the implementation process. But without your team members on board and interested in the new application, accomplishing anything will be difficult. It’s so important that your team understands the value of the new software and that they have a clear idea of the benefits they’ll enjoy after making the switch. Emphasize these points to your team members ahead of the game, give them plenty of time to warm up to the idea of a new application, and then do your best to help ease them into their new environment.

Do Your Research

Purchasing a new software solution already involves an abundance of research. But now that you’re done looking at the big picture, it’s time to dive deep into the inner details of how the application works. The more you know about the new solution before its implementation, the fewer surprises you’ll experience trying to navigate it for the first (or even the fifth) time. Many software companies have extensive educational libraries, FAQs, and Knowledge Bases available online for their customers filled with easily-accessible information about the product and its best practices.

Utilize Resources

Implementation doesn’t always have to be a long, disruptive process. Check to see if the software company offers any assistance or resources for getting their product up and running. Issuetrak’s Pro Services team is available to help customers get their Issuetrak site styled and configured exactly how they need it. Their product expertise helps teams get off the ground as fast as possible with Issuetrak and ensures they walk away with the knowledge to expertly operate the application -- and to train future generations of Issuetrak users within the company.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

It’s easy to fall into the mindset of doing things yourself, but interacting with a new software can have its tricky moments. Rather than waste time and effort working on a problem you don’t know how to solve, reach out to those who were trained to do so. A fast, responsive support team is an invaluable resource for your team as you adapt to the intricacies of a new software solution. And even after you’ve become comfortable, the support team can always answer any unforeseen questions.

Change may be difficult, but with proper preparation and thoughtful implementation, it doesn’t have to trip up your team! Set yourself up for success by planning ahead and following these tips for a smooth and seamless software transition.

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