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Press Release

Issuetrak has just released a major navigation update, overhauling the product’s menus and delivering a new look and feel to its UI.

The release’s big changes include an updated left menu, streamlined to include a static list of main navigation options, and a right “context” menu that provides options based on which page the user has navigated to within the product. Both menus can be collapsed to expand the page in view, though users can still access menu links through icons while in this collapsed mode.

Other new features include a “New Issue” button, allowing users to easily create an issue from anywhere in the product, and a more intuitive lightbox settings menu to allow users to reference the software’s settings and capabilities at any time. A new bookmarking capability, providing quick and customizable links to a user’s preferred pages within the product, has also been added.

“We’ve taken great care to review just about all of the actions a user can take within Issuetrak,” said CEO Dan Flowers. “We paid close attention to clearly showing how features relate to each other in context; we also ensured that users can access whichever features or pages in the product are most essential to them in a matter of a click.”

The Issuetrak development team spent months refining the new navigation features and preparing them for release, incorporating suggestions from customers and employees who work closely with the product. Prior to the update, the team met directly with customers in user groups to gather direct feedback, discuss any issues, and ensure that the changes would be beneficial.

“A lot of research, design, care, and testing went into improving the user experience with this release,” said Jon Rivera, Issuetrak’s Director of Product Management.

Beyond this new release, Issuetrak has been ramping up its release frequency with the goal of putting out new updates once every thirty days. In the last year, the team has worked hard to transform the product with powerful features including new integrations for ADFS and Azure, powerful visibility and control of issues with Issue Hub, and the latest transformation with Issuetrak 14’s new UI.

Visit Issuetrak’s website for a more detailed rundown of the features included in Issuetrak 14, as well as a look at some of the other recent updates to the software:

About Issuetrak

Based in Norfolk, Va., Issuetrak is a leading provider of issue tracking software. First released in 2000, its signature software package has become a robust platform for internal and external customer service and support, IT help desk, workflow and process management, and issue tracking. The company has won numerous industry awards, including Small Business of the Year, multiple Inc. 500/5000 placements, and is a three-time winner of the Inside Business 'Best Place to Work' awards. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner. 

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