Issuetrak Customer Highlight: University of Pennsylvania


Customer overview

The Accounts Payable department of University of Pennsylvania processes thousands of invoices and payments for employees, companies, and other individuals. The Payroll and Tax departments also process many inquiries and questions related to their daily workflow and operations.


The Accounts Payable Department had no visibility into the 3,000+ monthly inquiries submitted to the department, for example, who was sending requests or how they were coming in. Employees were also having trouble separating each incoming inquiry to make sure the requests were being directed to the correct person within the correct department. This created an issue with keeping things confidential.

Additionally, no one knew whether or not inquiries were being closed in a timely and consistent way. Requests often sat idle for too long or slipped through the cracks altogether. Inefficiencies in tracking, workflow, and communication resulted in many frustrated people and escalated requests.


UPenn now uses Issuetrak to record and follow up on requests coming into the Accounts Payable and the Tax and Payroll departments. Issuetrak gives UPenn the ability to keep their departments siloed—so that each group can view only their own work streams. Because each department is segmented within the system, issues are hidden from other departments, which allows for each inquiry to be kept confidential.

“When I first joined Penn as their Director of Disbursements one of my first observations was we didn’t have a tool to help us manage 3k+ inquiries a month. Issuetrak provided the perfect tool. We were also able to rotate all our 20+ staff into help desk lead roles, providing them an opportunity to own the help desk, improve their customer service skills and learn how Issuetrak worked. Most importantly their customer service is second to none.” 

Mike Popko
UPenn Director of Disbursements


With Issuetrak, UPenn is able to track all of the various requests coming into their departments, plus send out independent surveys. This allows each department to receive feedback on their quality of service. They also use Issuetrak’s work order functionality to ensure tasks are completed to specification. Employees can run reports to see if the requests are being closed in a timely manner, as well as schedule these reports to run automatically. Inquiries can be submitted easily and promptly to allow workflow to continue.

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