Customer Highlight: Lafayette Parish School District



Customer Overview

With almost 40 schools, LPSS has a large number of issues that come up with their transportation team. All complaints are routed to their team of coordinators for handling. Those complaints could come from students, teachers, staff, parents, or bus drivers.


With no formal tracking mechanism in place, it was difficult for the staff at LPSS to efficiently handle the high volume of complaints. They used paper forms, so every time someone called or emailed, the team had to fill out the appropriate form. With about 20 different forms, and complaints coming from so many sources, things easily got lost.

Using paper forms gave them no way to manage the resolution process for the various types of complaints. They also lacked a good mechanism for detailed reporting about ongoing complaint trends, including the timeliness of the final resolution.


LPSS implemented Issuetrak to be the repository for all complaints, regardless of the original source.

All complaints can be logged and categorized within Issuetrak, eliminating the need for paper forms. Because complaints are resolved by different staff based on the type, they were able to set up automatic assignment rules to speed up resolution.

They were also able to use Issuetrak’s Issue Forms feature (formerly called Custom Screens) to capture the specific information that was needed for each department.

“We’re trying to improve customer service. Issuetrak is a systematic way for calls to come in, be assigned to staff members who can research it, and get the parent a correct answer in a timely manner.”

Joe Craig
Chief Administrative Officer


With a single place to track all incoming transportation complaints, the team at LPSS is poised to increase customer support while better documenting complaint resolutions along with the time it takes to resolve the complaint. Being able to report on the various types of complaints and the final resolution allows them to make adjustments proactively when needed. Open visibility makes sure everyone stays in the know with parent, student, and employee satisfaction being their number one goal.

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