Issuetrak Release 16.6: Barcode Scanning

Meet Version 16.6

The long-requested addition of barcode scanning to Asset Management is the crowning achievement of Issuetrak 16.6, as well as password expiry alerts and improved Outgoing Email (OEM) functionality. And as always, our team worked hard to squash bugs and improve application performance and security, which you can read about in even more detail in our release notes.

Barcode Scanning with Asset Management

Barcode scanning offers several new capabilities:

  • The ability to create and associate barcodes with assets directly in the product, including the capability to print them.
  • The ability to scan an asset to open the corresponding asset page, as well as scan barcodes to populate specific fields with corresponding data, like serial numbers.  

Password Expiration Notifications for Issuetrak Authentication

For those of you using Issuetrak Authentication, you can now enable expiration notifications to alert Issuetrak users, making it easier than ever to make updates.  

OEM Retention Functionality

Many industries and organizations have extended retention policies for compliance. To honor those requirements, Issuetrak now allows you to set a longer retention period for the outgoing email log. 

Cloud Customers

Cloud customers will receive this update automatically on June 4th after 10 p.m. ET. Test sites will be upgraded May 28th after 8 p.m. ET. As always, if you’re eager to see 16.6 before your upgrade, just fill in the form below to request a test site from our Support team.

On-premises Customers

If you’re like us and can’t wait any longer to download this exciting new version, on-premises customers can visit this Knowledge Base article to get the latest version now (Issuetrak Support Site credentials required). 

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