Issuetrak 11.6 Brings Enhancements to Incoming Email

Exciting news -- we’ve just released a brand-new version of Issuetrak! Issuetrak 11.6 is now available and we can’t wait for you to see our most recent updates. Read on to find out what’s new, what’s changed, and how you can get Issuetrak 11.6 for your organization.

Update: Incoming Email

Our Development team has been hard at work updating and retooling Issuetrak’s Incoming Email module, and this new release shows that hard work in action! Issuetrak 11.6 features a complete IEM subsystem rewrite. Here are the basics of what has changed:

  • New configuration options for the CC field on the Edit Mailbox screen
  • Formatting improvements (no extra spacing, line breaks in plaintext emails)
  • A new field, “IEM Email Domain,” for matching email domains to Organizations
  • Enhanced loop protection for POP email accounts
  • A longer log retention period in the IEM View Log
  • More informative error notifications throughout IEM
  • More predictable email token processing and improved access control
  • An updated and improved User Interface
  • Smarter User Account matching, incorporating visibility permissions
  • An enhanced Rich Text Editor

Bug Fixes

Our QA team works hard to pinpoint and test bugs within Issuetrak, keeping the application as bug-free as possible. The 11.6 update features a host of bug fixes, from display errors to oversights regarding user permissions. You can review a full list of the bug fixes we’ve implemented by visiting our Release Notes.

How to Get Issuetrak 11.6

Excited to get started with Issuetrak 11.6? For cloud customers, the new release has already been applied to your Issuetrak sites! Reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions.

Premise customers can go here to download the 11.6 release. (Note: customers upgrading from a version prior to 9.10.1 will require an updated license key. Customers interested in upgrading must also be on version 10.3.7 or higher prior to performing an upgrade to 11.6.)

Not yet an Issuetrak customer but curious about all these exciting new features? We’d love to talk to you about what Issuetrak can do for your organization! Click here to chat with us!

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