Top 10 Help Desk Tips for Using Issuetrak

How to provide better customer care and resolve complaints to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

You have likely been there before. Your inbox is overflowing with customer support emails, your phone is constantly ringing with frustrated clients, and your team is drowning in a sea of unresolved tickets. It feels impossible to keep up, let alone provide the exceptional service your customers deserve. 

But what if there were a better way? A way for help desk professionals to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and empower your team to resolve issues quickly and efficiently?

Issuetrak isn't just another help desk software. It's a comprehensive solution designed to transform your customer support operations. In this post, we share our best help desk tips using Issuetrak Software, to create a seamless experience for quicker, more efficient complaint resolutions. 

Top 10 Tips to Using Issuetrak Software at your Help Desk

1. Reduce workload and improve response times with the help of workflow automation.

  • Replace repetitive, manual customer service tasks and Maximize agent output with easy-to-configure automation features:
  • Auto-assignment and round robin: Route tickets to the right experts and handle even more cases without compromising service quality. 
  • Notifications: Set up instant alerts to keep agents on top of communications and resolutions.
  • Provide answers within seconds and greatly reduce resolution time, proving you're a trusted provider. 
  • Track changes at a glance with status and substatus rules.
  • Use Scheduled Issues to fire off automations for recurring instances, like routine maintenance, reviews, etc.

2. Monitor progress with insightful reports and analytics.

Use powerful reporting and analytics tools to track trends, agent performance, and ticket resolution. Other help desk metrics like first contact resolution rate, response time, ticket backlog, etc. are also useful in identifying areas of improvement. Tracking the KPIs of your help desk is important since it provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your customer support strategy and keeps help desk teams accountable for their performance.  Using metrics will help you define your IT support, make informed decisions, and efficiently manage resources.

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3. Delegate tasks effortlessly with clear permissions, roles and responsibilities.

Whether it is about simply updating the help-articles in the knowledge base or managing complex ticket escalations; your agents and users must have clearly defined roles and capabilities. With an internal ticketing system, you can easily assign different Permissions to all your team members—Admin, Agent, or User. Permissions for these roles grant a special level of accessibility to the tool and can be updated anytime. Use Task Manager to assign tasks to users in groups and cross off to-do lists with speed and precision.

4. Customize the experience with configurable fields, webforms, templates, reporting, dashboard views, and more.

Create custom fields to gather relevant and actionable information. Collect the exact information you need to solve issues when you embed custom webforms anywhere on your site. Save time with pre-filled fields in templates. Create custom views in our Issue Hub or schedule relevant reports to filter information for any stakeholder. Categorize and organize your issues by Issue Type, Class, Priority, and Severity. Further customization includes uploading logos, modifying site colors, editing notification templates, and modifying the home screen.

5. Establish SLAs for better team performance.

A service level agreement is a well-defined and documented agreement between a service provider and its customers. This formal agreement helps your business define the quality of services to be rendered and manage customer expectations. Monitoring SLAs in real-time helps you track your team’s performance and convey to your customers that your team is adhering to SLAs at all costs. You can define SLAs: for instance, your agents can receive automated alerts and notifications that remind them to quickly respond to support tickets or close them within the set time frame. Common help desk SLAs include minimum tickets resolved in a specific time, minimum CSAT score for resolved tickets, customer response turnaround time, etc.

6. Use Quick Notes.

Issuetrak’s Quick Notes and standard templates allow support reps to choose and modify pre-written messages. Your help desk staff can regularly review and update any Quick Notes to keep them relevant, as well as add links to your knowledge base for customers to access additional information. You can perform crisis management by saving practical checklists as canned responses so users can go step-by-step, find the root of the issue, and resolve tickets quicker.

7. Connect with thousands of productivity apps through our Zapier integration.

Building an integration with Zapier instantly allows your app to connect with any other app that’s also integrated with Zapier. With over 4,000 connected apps and counting, there are so many exciting ways to connect Issuetrak with other apps. Whether creating a new user in Issuetrak to notify your team via Slack, or adding a Google Sheets record to generate a new Organization, Zapier has got your back.  

8. Devote time to training and onboarding with a dedicated Implementation Team and a robust Knowledge Base.

  • Implementation Team:

Not many vendors offer Account Management from the start of your relationship. Many relegate Account Management to their higher paid tiers. Issuetrak does one better. We offer an entire implementation team dedicated to your success. From the first call, through the setup process and throughout your relationship with us, your Implementation team can guide you through implementation, advise the best-suited features to your help desk process, and continue to facilitate a successful service desk automation process as your customer base scales and grows.

  • Knowledge Base:

Investing time and money into creating an internal information hub can speed up the workflow and help onboard new employees faster. Customers also benefit from the 24/7 assistance provided by an in-depth knowledge base by being able to troubleshoot minor issues on their own. As you roll out new updates, easily create fresh support content in your knowledge base with FAQs, guides, videos, and self-service articles. One easy way to launch a new knowledge base article is to generate a topic directly from a ticket’s notes. You can also pre-format a template to ensure your knowledge base articles follow quality standards and branded guidelines every time. While both Issuetrak’s agents and free users are empowered with the capability to add knowledge base articles, you can also restrict sensitive articles and categories to specific users. Toggling permissions from the User Control Panel allows you to let those users access and do exactly what they need. Read our knowledge base blog post for more information.

9. Establish a feedback loop with Issuetrak’s Surveys add-on.

Improve response time using collected data. These insights allow you to track patterns and uncover valuable trends while gaining a deeper understanding of your customer service operations. Sending out customer surveys after ticket resolution is one way of evaluating your customers’ satisfaction. By doing so, you ensure that your support team gains valuable client feedback and insights on areas of improvement. If you want your audience to follow through on completing a customer survey, here are a few pointers: Ensure you ask short, concise, and relevant questions that help you meet your objectives. Make your questions open-ended and thoughtful and avoid leading or loaded questions that may skew the results. Lastly, use consistent rating scales for the responses. 

10. Leverage omnichannel support.

Meet your customers where they are! Help desk software must enable you to interact with users via email, live chat, voice, social media, and any other channels your clients prefer. An omnichannel help desk enables your team to intake, monitor, and respond to all customer queries from one platform without constantly switching to several channels. Support reps can also easily collaborate on responding to tickets and view the history of customer interactions with other agents to understand their issues.

Some Benefits of Transitioning to Issuetrak Help Desk

Help Desk Tips

1. Easy migration from your old help desk to Issuetrak.

2. Localized management. 

  • Centralize your support messages to ensure no issue slips through the cracks. By governing everything from one centralized location, you can prioritize and resolve issues more efficiently, improving the organization of your IT tasks. Treat your help desk like Single Point of Contact (SPOC), unifying all customer service channels in a single place to avoid complications or misdirection.

3. Security over your technical case details.

  • State-of-the-art encryption provides secure support and prevents unauthorized access to confidential messages and files. Take advantage of role-based access controls, encryption, and regular data backups, ensuring that your sensitive data remains safe at all times. Issuetrak takes security measures very seriously, adhering to SOC 2 compliance, GDPR, CCPA, Identity Management, and a number of other cloud and application security parameters.

Get Started With Issuetrak Help Desk

Issuetrak Help Desk is a powerful and user-friendly platform that can help you streamline your customer support operations, improve agent productivity, and boost customer satisfaction.
With Issuetrak’s all-in-one help desk software, you can:

  • Create workflow automation
  • Track customer ticket progress, reports, and analytics
  • Delegate user tasks with clear permissions
  • Customize the experience for your team and customers
  • Establish SLAs for better performance

Issuetrak Help Desk is more than just software – it's a strategic investment in the future of your customer service. By implementing these help desk tips, you can unlock the full potential of Issuetrak and transform your customer support operations into a competitive advantage.

Ready to take your customer support to the next level? Try Issuetrak Help Desk today!


Ready to take your customer support to the next level?

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