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Business Challenge

Hathaway Systems Division, an acquired subsidiary of Qualitrol Corporation, is a leading supplier of systems automation and integration solutions to the power industry. Hathaway also specializes in process calibration technology and motion control products.

Within Hathaway Systems Division is the company’s Product Support Group, a five-member team providing IT support to its 50+ industrial customers, nationwide-power companies, utilities, oil refineries, and others. The company was trying to service its customers and attempting to “track” customer issues using an outdated Access database system.

Lynn Bales, Systems Administrator with Hathaway, described the old system (that they had built themselves) as “kind of clunky” and somewhat ineffective. “Customers could not access it to do any searches to solve problems themselves,” said Bales. Nor could they report their own issues.


Hathaway Systems noticed immediately how accommodating Issuetrak was in meeting the needs of its clients. In fact, Hathaway’s Product Support Group was “blown away,” according to Bales, with Issuetrak’s service and support. “They were unbelievably helpful,” said Bales. “The Issuetrak team went out of their way to help me any time I called.”

“The Issuetrak team went out of their way to help me any time I called.”

Lynn Bales, Systems Administrator

Bales also appreciated Issuetrak’s willingness to hear suggestions for modifications and to incorporate them into the very customizable Issuetrak software. “In one instance we had a need to enter notes in a certain area, like the amount of time it takes to do a particular function. Issuetrak modified the software so that it tallies up all the time we spend on an issue,” noted Bales.

Bales continued, citing another occasion where the Issuetrak reporting feature needed to be reconfigured to better suit her company’s needs. The Issuetrak team came through again and “created a way for us to generate the reports we needed. And, it’s really easy!” exclaimed Bales.

Issuetrak’s ease of installation was a big plus for Hathaway’s Product Support Group and its customers. Bales reported, “Not only did we get it the same day we ordered it, but we had it installed and were using it in two days!” Of course with Issuetrak there is no desktop installation and it requires minimal training. Bales and the rest of the Product Support Group liked that as well–“Once you get it installed you really don’t have to do anything. Very low maintenance!”

From all indications Qualitrol’s Hathaway Systems Division found just the right solution for its tracking needs.

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