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You’ve done your research and gone through the long process of choosing the perfect software for your team. Although you might be thrilled to launch a new solution, your team might feel otherwise. Convincing employees to get excited about adopting a new way of doing things can sometimes be a difficult process.

Changing the status quo is hard. Perhaps your department has been using the same system for years -- or perhaps there was no system in place before and you’re attempting to establish something entirely new. When asking your team to make a big change by adopting new software, it’s extremely important to provide employees with a solid rationale for making this change. They should understand the benefits they’ll gain from putting in the effort to learn something new, and be assured that the new software will make their lives easier, not more difficult, in the long run.

With that in mind, what can your team expect to gain from using Issuetrak? We’ve put together a list of benefits we hope everyone who uses our product will enjoy:

A More Organized Way to Submit Issues

Do you really want someone in IT to jot down your time-sensitive request on a sticky note? Or would you rather submit your ask and receive immediate confirmation that the department has received it and will process it shortly? With Issuetrak, rest easy that your request has reached the right people and isn’t floating somewhere in space.

Create Tickets Anywhere with Multichannel Submission Options

Have you ever encountered an issue while you were away from your computer? Issuetrak lets you submit tickets while on the go. Multichannel submission options include web form, email, and mobile -- so you’ll never have to wait to log something important.

Updates Whenever You Need Them

How many times have you waited days (or more) for a response? Maybe your request was already addressed. Maybe it’s still sitting there... Either way, wouldn’t you prefer to be updated or to check the status of your request without going through someone else? Issuetrak’s automatic email notifications provide updates whenever an issue’s status changes, a note is added, or a task is performed. Many organizations let employees log in to view the status of their requests. You could even add a note to your own request asking for an update!

Fewer Mistakes and Mishaps

Have you ever accidentally responded to the same request as a coworker? Or maybe an important email got buried over the weekend and was accidentally deleted. Issuetrak cuts down on these frustrating mistakes. Logging issues in a centralized place, rather than using email or spreadsheets, organizes your team and prevents issues from getting lost or forgotten.

Increased Efficiency and Streamlined Workflows

Do processes seem to take a long time in your department? Do you frequently find yourself waiting on others to complete tasks so you can finish the project you started? Issuetrak can help: the Task Manager allows you to create branching workflows, set up checklists, and ping coworkers as soon as their input is needed.

Want more examples of how Issuetrak can be a huge benefit to teams large and small? Check out our Customer Stories to see how others have leveraged Issuetrak to optimize their workflows, streamline their processes, and improve operations across the organization!

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