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If you’ve researched or used issue tracking software, you’ve likely come across the term “end user.” Many end users fit a common profile--they are the people submitting issues, tickets, requests, and complaints. They are the people who need something from you. Their issues and tickets get routed to teams and/or individuals responsible for managing and resolving their concerns.

These end users are the people you support. If you run the IT help desk, your end users are at least partially internal. They are the employees who submit issues about password resets, broken printers, and a host of other ticket types. If you manage complaint resolution for a healthcare facility, your end users are likely patients and medical staff submitting complaints and expecting you to follow up on their concerns.

There’s another kind of end user, however, that may be applicable to your business model. With these end users, you might need something from them: whether that’s completing certain tasks in a workflow, inputting or editing information, or something else entirely. These end users need additional capabilities that allow them to collaborate with your paid agents to get things done as part of a team. Issuetrak allows for this, which helps organizations take process management to another level while maintaining a cost-effective solution.

Paying the Price for End User Interactions

Speaking of cost-effective solutions, if you’re using a software application, you may or may not have to pay for interactions with your end users. This limiting factor causes huge headaches for teams that require certain types of contributions from their end users, or for teams that can’t afford full agent licensing for each of their employees but who still need their involvement in the process.

Why restrict your end users if you don’t have to? Let them do more with Issuetrak. Issuetrak’s end users are empowered with the capability to complete tasks, add Knowledge Base articles, receive email notifications when the status of an issue changes, and more.

Issuetrak gives end users the capability to become fully involved in the process from start to finish. Toggling permissions from the User Control Panel allows you to let those users do exactly what they need to do.

Issuetrak's end users have more than 50 permissions, including the following:

  • Submit Issues
  • Use Quick Pick templates
  • Edit or Close Issues
  • Set Issue Priority or Severity
  • Set Issue sub-status
  • Change Response Time
  • Check Issue status via Web
  • View Assignment information
  • Receive automatic email notifications
  • Be assigned and complete Tasks
  • Access and Maintain Projects
  • Add Notes, even on closed Issues
  • Read and write private Notes
  • Enter Labor Hours
  • View private fields
  • Use the Knowledge Base
  • Add or Edit Knowledge Base Articles
  • View private Knowledge Base Articles
  • Run Summary Management reports
  • Design and manage reports
  • And more!

Let's take a closer look at a few of these end user capabilities:

Receive Automatic Email Notifications

As an issue moves through the steps from creation to closure, it’s important to keep everyone involved and updated on the details of its progress. This is especially true if your end users are team members who have a hand in the issue resolution process.

Issuetrak’s end users can receive notifications not only when an issue gets escalated, but also when other users have added notes to the issue. If your company uses end users to address and complete tickets, there’s also an option to notify them upon submission of unassigned issues, ensuring that no issue slips by unnoticed.

Complete Task Assignments

At times, resolving an issue requires completing certain steps in a precise order. Issuetrak’s Task Manager feature allows you to build out custom workflows that make sure the steps are completed the right way every time. The feature also automatically alerts other users when they need to complete a task within the workflow, leaving less room for error.

Empowered end users agents can easily become part of these workflows in Issuetrak, armed with the ability to complete and even edit tasks. Email notifications alert these users when an issue becomes ready for their input. This helps to move the process along as quickly as possible and keeps every team member engaged and in the loop.

Add and Edit Knowledge Base Articles

A well-maintained Knowledge Base can be incredibly versatile; its uses span from hosting how-to guides and FAQs to keeping company policies and frequently-used forms all in one place. While some end users may require read-only access to the Knowledge Base, others may need the ability to change or maintain the articles within.

Issuetrak allows their end users to fully interact with the Knowledge Base. With the proper permissions enabled, they can create new articles as needed, edit and rearrange existing articles, and even delete outdated or unnecessary articles -- eliminating the need to purchase additional full Agent licenses for Knowledge Base maintenance.

Access and Maintain Projects

The Issuetrak Project feature can take several associated issues and turn them into a project. Projects can have associated members and a project manager assigned to them, and can keep track of certain details like the estimated time or cost necessary to complete the project.

Empowered end users have access to all Issuetrak projects -- not only to view them, but to edit and maintain them as well. They can update project information and be assigned to projects as associated members, keeping them informed and involved every step of the way.

Can your end users do everything you need them to? If you’re running into limitations with what your end users are capable of, Issuetrak can help! Speak with one of our product experts today and learn more about whether your team can benefit from Issuetrak’s empowered end users.

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