Does Your Vendor Have Your Back?


The support I received was second to none. Courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, and most importantly, my issue was resolved!”

Any company would be thrilled to get that in a review. It means their support team has gone above and beyond just solving the issue. They’ve impressed their customer enough for them to leave a review, and to praise the team that they worked with.

Here at Issuetrak, we are incredibly fortunate to get these reviews not some of the time, but all of the time. And not just about our Support team, but about our training staff and sales representatives as well. Take a look at a couple of recent comments.

“Our trainer did a great job during our training sessions and has been very helpful in tweaking the system to fit our needs.”

“The representative who initially reached out to us was extremely informative and demonstrated almost every aspect of the software and how we could make it work for our company.”

When you go to make a purchase, regardless of whether you buy it online or in a store, chances are that if it’s more than just a few dollars, you look at reviews to see what others think of the product. It should be no different if you’re looking for a vendor to partner with. By looking at a review platform like the one we use here at Issuetrak, you can view positive and negative feedback to use in your determination.

Going Beyond the Review

Obviously, one of the most important things when choosing a software vendor is making sure it meets your immediate needs. For issue tracking software, that could mean something as simple as a place to log your issues, or something more that includes workflow management, built-in monitoring of emails and replies, and the ability to automatically assign issues.

Once you’ve established that the software will work for you, don’t forget to think about the long-term. Are there other departments that could utilize the software as well? Is the software flexible enough to handle that level of customization?

“Out of the box, this product can seem overwhelming. HOWEVER, with the outstanding training and tech support, it will not take long to customize Issuetrak to your exact needs! Proving to be one of the easiest and flexible tools that you will have in your organization. While some of the well thought out features we may not use right away, we have much room for additions and growth. Issuetrak is the perfect tool to assist in this growth, allowing our organization to utilize some of the areas in the future.”

You Get What You Pay For

Another point to keep in mind is the implementation process. Some packages require that you schedule and devote up to five days of time with their developers to customize the software to your needs. Or they require that you understand the details of computer programming to get everything configured.

With Issuetrak, you can work with one of our consultants at your location, our location, or virtually via phone and Zoom. They will discuss your goals and requirements, and then walk you step-by-step through your configuration. And you don’t need to know how to program! All Issuetrak’s features are enabled by checkboxes. Need more detailed help setting everything up? Our team even offers basic site management.

When it’s time to upgrade - Issuetrak can handle that for you! If you utilize Issuetrak’s Cloud deployment, all the updates and upgrades are handled automatically. If you have Issuetrak deployed on your own servers, with a call to Support, they will perform a remote session and walk you through the entire process.

“[Issuetrak] is honest, straightforward, and polite. When I called them to perform an upgrade on our system they didn't just provide me with instructions they helped me walk through the process and even provided some assistance with steps they probably didn't need to. For me Issuetrak hits the target with customer service.”

Here at Issuetrak, we don’t look at our customers as a number - you become a member of the family. Our goal is to help you accomplish your business goals and be more efficient and productive in your business tracking needs. If you’re ready to see how Issuetrak can help your business, try it today!

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