Does Your Company Need Issue Tracking Software?


When there’s an issue at your organization, what’s your first move? Maybe you put the details down in an email, make a note of the situation in a spreadsheet, or even jot something on a sticky note. And then what? What steps do you take to make sure the issue gets resolved?

If you have to think too hard about your answer, it may be a sign your organization could benefit from issue tracking software.

Issue tracking software solutions help companies keep issue information organized, track progress, build workflows, and review data to make improvements for the future. It can be so easy for issues to get accidentally buried, misplaced, or erased entirely when there’s no system in place to log the information and facilitate follow-up.

Are you wondering if your organization could benefit from issue tracking software? Here are the signs you’re ready to take the plunge:

Your team is getting overwhelmed.

Issues can pile up quickly, especially when there’s no set process in place to resolve them. If your organization lacks an efficient process for managing issues when they occur, your backlog of issues can quickly swell to massive proportions -- putting undue stress on your team in the process. Implementing an issue tracking software solution eases some of that stress by helping your team to outline processes and keep information organized, and by providing a bird’s-eye view of ongoing projects to the team as a whole.

You’ve lost or misplaced important information.

Have you ever had to apologize due to misplacing an email, a note, or another important form of correspondence? Losing key information can be severely detrimental to your business, especially if it happens frequently -- but it’s likewise easy for things to slip by unnoticed without a way to organize information in a centralized place.

A software solution like Issuetrak captures important information and logs it in an easy-to-navigate repository accessible by as many (or as few) users as necessary. It can even automatically assign the issues out to members of your team, sending a notification upon assignment to ensure the issue doesn’t get overlooked.

You’re struggling with efficiency.

Is your team struggling to get things done in decent time? Are issues taking longer than usual to reach resolution? A number of factors can adversely impact efficiency -- everything from stress to disorganization to poor time management.

Provide your team members with the tools they need to accomplish their work quickly and effectively. A software solution can automate parts of the issue management process, removing the need to spend time and effort on small, repetitive tasks. It also makes communication fast and seamless, sending automatic updates and notifications to team members who need to reply or take action.

You’re having a hard time managing your data.

Once your team resolves an issue or closes a ticket, where does the data go? Are you keeping track of response times, resolution speed, open issue statistics, and more? Without a dedicated solution in place to capture all the information, gathering data can be an arduous process.

Issue tracking software solutions make it easy for your team to look back on past data and visualize the status of current issues with customizable dashboards and detailed audit records. These tools allow you to highlight trends, pinpoint past issues, and leverage prior information to plan goals and chart paths for the future.

Think your team could use a hand with its issue tracking process? Issuetrak is here to assist! We’re happy to answer questions about our product and help you find out if an issue tracking program is right for your team. Reach out to our Product Experts -- we’d love to hear from you!

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