Customer Support Software Drives Insight into CarPro Customers


Business Challenge

Car rental and other fleet management companies around the world rely on ERP software from CarPro Systems International to run their businesses, from backend financials to managing customer accounts. With business-critical operations on the software, they count on CarPro’s customer support to be there when they need it.

The Netherlands-based company operates six support offices around the globe, for a 24/7 customer service operation. Whether he’s in the home office or another site, Rob Terpstra, owner and CEO, wants insight into customer issues and the ability to report on service delivery to drive improvements.

But as the company grew, its customer support application became increasingly more limiting.

“We wanted to create a workflow of each call, so we could better monitor how support was being delivered based on the customer’s need,” Terpstra said.


After an extensive search, CarPro chose web-based Issuetrak. “I explored other products, but was impressed by the scope of possibilities in Issuetrak and with their customer base,” Terpstra said.

Issuetrak provides the workflow capabilities that CarPro needs to move issues from entry to resolution in an efficient manner and with an automated customer survey option. Easily accessible online, the application allows all support locations to use one instance of Issuetrak, enabling support managers and Terpstra to view support status on a global level.

“With one Web-based application I can monitor how my techs in Canada, Dubai and India are managing our customers’ support experience. I can see everything for our global customer base in one place online, from anywhere.”

Rob Terpstra, Owner & CEO

Also critical to the decision was the ability to migrate more than 20 years of customer support history from the legacy application to Issuetrak.

“In servicing our customer, we needed to see what was discussed years ago, especially when upgrading customers to a newer application. Maintaining the history file of all customers was a prerequisite of going to another solution,” he added.


Issuetrak assisted CarPro in bringing over 25,000 records from the company’s support history, taking just over a month to migrate the data and test the system. The Issuetrak team also provided training on the application, enabling Terpstra and team to begin using the system after just a few hours of orientation.

“I’m very pleased with the speed and depth of the help and assistance I received from Issuetrak,” Terpstra said.

Now, nearly all customers submit issues via an “Issuetrak” link right on the CarPro website – a more cost-effective support model for customers and the company. From there, Issuetrak’s workflow ensures that every ticket is followed through successful resolution. Customers automatically receive email notifications when tickets are received, handled and closed.

“Issuetrak enhances our quality assurance because we are now embedding the steps that service and support take to handle a call and investigate solutions. The steps are there to ensure that true quality is achieved.”

Rob Terpstra, Owner & CEO

With Issuetrak, CarPro has also expanded its reporting options to understand calls by customer, location or technician, and create dashboards on the most critical performance indicators. For one customer, CarPro flexibly added fields to collect and report on certain metrics, supporting regular reports for this customer.

Now with more insight than ever before, CarPro can continuously enhance its service delivery as well as its product.

“Powerful reporting allows us to improve our recommendations to customers, and our software and training for a better customer experience,” Terpstra said.

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