How You Handle Feedback Can Help Your Business: Complaint Management Software

Why does having a complaint ticketing system make working at a support desk easier?

Customer complaints come from every direction: online, comment cards, face-to-face—how do you manage it all? From customers to school admins to office staff, it’s safe to assume anyone would want to smooth away a complaint as quickly as possible.

If only you could magically zap worries to dust! But you’re not Cinderella’s fairy godmother and managing complaints with an efficient system takes organized development and dedicated time.

Let’s face it: as a school administrator, a restaurant owner or, a landlord,—having time might be a sore spot for you. And even if your department or center is well-developed...if manual tools like emails and spreadsheets are your status quo, they are certainly costing you time and money.

A complaint ticketing system can help you get and stay organized, rate highly in your industry, and systematize complaints to align yourself with the the best in the business.

Benefits of a Digital Complaint Management Database

Complaints are good for business, as long as you apply the feedback towards your growth. Complaint management systems help you monitor feedback effectively and track trends so you can resolve future instances efficiently.

After converting from outdated email to Issuetrak’s complaint management system, Anderson Power Products IT Manager Craig Cormier stated:

“We have a much greater visibility so we can act on tickets more quickly. It saves time, especially when dealing with people on the other side of the world. Issuetrak is definitely a great organizational tool. If we relied solely on email, we would lose track of a lot of things.”

Using a specialized tool to handle and automate ticket management gives you much-needed space to focus on what matters most - your own business operations. Benefits of a complaint management system include:

☑️ effective communication and easy migration from email to ticket, so no complaint gets lost
☑️ transparency so customers feel heard
☑️ accountability through escalation, sending complaints to the person best qualified to handle each of its phases in the complaint lifecycle
☑️ confidentiality within a safeguarded system and knowledge base restrictions
☑️ automated reporting so you can pull data and spot trends for targeted resolution analysis
☑️ visibility every step of the way

A digitized complaint management template and process gives you the tools for critical decision-making to build a better business. Who wouldn’t want that kind of tool in their arsenal?

How Complaint Management Systems Serve Departments in Different Industries

Complaint management exists in just about every sector. Whether you file a defunct hardware complaint with IT or report an undercooked appetizer to a restaurant manager, complaint management systems make quality control easy to maintain.

HR on Autopilot

HR operations already keep staff knee-deep in their to-do lists. Any HR manager would jump at the chance to have a dedicated software automate some of the legwork, especially if it relieves complex HR issues, complaint management policies, or compliance policies.

Feeling buried in Human Resources? Automation takes care of asset management, onboarding, staff training, compliance policies and much more! Get work done quicker, better. Learn how.


No Resolution Left Behind For School Compliance

Schools maximize software for compliance maintenance, using checks and balances to manage human error and keep data documented, secured, monitored, and centralized.

With no data lost, no problem can go unaddressed and no resolution will get left behind.

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Transportation Safety Guaranteed By Software

If city transportation goes awry, municipalities can rest assured wheels will get turning again in no time with mechanisms like omnichannel submission, faster response times, and a centralized Task Manager.

School transportation won’t suffer either with the benefit of streamlined custom reporting, enabling faster resolution dispatch to administrators and parents.

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Medical Industries Go Digital To Capture Complaints

Data from The PubMed, Science Direct and Medline showed patient complaints to be a valuable monitoring resource for improving patient safety. But complaint data comes from all over the place and higher-ups need easy reporting and full visibility over facility maintenance. With the high patient volume hospitals see, automation and trend tracking are boons—especially when it comes to categorizing case type, status, auto-escalation and documentation fields.

When you can automatically generate complaint tickets into a single place from webforms, email, chat, or phone calls—why wouldn’t you?

Letting software handle the menial work lets you fully focus on best medical practices, save time through workflows, and keep accountability over who is handling an issue at all times.

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These are just a fraction of the list of industries we serve and have served. But really, automation helps everyone, whether you operate the school’s IT help desk or the call center at a health clinic. Choose the right software—and you’ll guarantee every step of the resolution process is executed to your standards of excellence.

What You Get With Issuetrak Complaint Management Automation

Managing all your feedback in one easy-to-learn software makes it easy to track and disseminate information—AND lets you deliver stellar service.

The icing on the cake? Issuetrak provides you with top software without losing the human element of customer service. From start to finish, a dedicated account manager ensures you integrate our software seamlessly into your existing one. You’ll get no less than the best-in-class customer support (with, we’re proud to say, 100% satisfaction ratings). What other software service can beat that? 

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If you’re ready for an update, start your search for a new and better complaint management system now. Smooth handling of complaints and requests is within reach—you just have to ask. Speak with a product expert today.

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