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Our Development Team has been working hard this past year to create new Issuetrak features to enhance your site and provide the functionality you’ve been asking for. But they’ve also been working on updating and optimizing the look of Issuetrak itself.

With this, we’re excited to announce an upcoming release in the works that will streamline Issuetrak’s navigation! Featuring an updated left menu layout, an all-new right context menu, and more.

Why are we updating? We've listened to our customers' feedback about the current menu setup and combined that with observations from our own team's use of Issuetrak. The new layout will address those issues and improve the Issuetrak user experience with the following benefits:

  • Fewer page redirects and refreshes
  • Fewer clicks to get things done in Issuetrak
  • Improved visibility for menu options
  • Increased transparency regarding your site’s features

Here’s an overview of what’s changing:

  • The left menu is now a static menu. The menu options appear based on your site’s features and your individual permissions, and these options will remain the same no matter where you are in Issuetrak.

  • We’ve put a "New Issue" button at the top of the left menu, where it’s always visible and accessible.
    Users can now create personalized bookmarks of their most-accessed Issuetrak pages. Organize the links you need to get where you need to at the click of a button.

  • We’ve added a context menu on the right side of the page. This menu will list the actions that you can perform on a particular page. For select pages, we’ve also included a “Jump To” section of related pages at the bottom of this menu.

  • We’ve removed the top banner to maximize screen size.

  • Clicking the Settings gear will now open a lightbox menu, presenting you with upfront information about what you can do within your Issuetrak site without needing to jump to a different page.

Stay tuned for more detailed announcements regarding this update in the upcoming weeks, and be on the lookout for the release in spring 2021!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your account manager! We’re happy to discuss.

Note that we've updated this mock-up to reflect the latest developments from the team.

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