Bellisio Foods uses Issuetrak to Optimize Help Desk Operations


Bellisio Foods is a food manufacturing facility based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company prides itself on providing high-quality and convenient frozen meals and ingredients to customers across the United States. Their facility co-packs for other brands in addition to manufacturing their own brands; they produce a number of the frozen dinner brands commonly found in grocery store freezers such as Chili’s Frozen Entrees and Boston Market at-home meals.

Business Challenge

With a large amount of employees and a cross-country customer base, Bellisio needed to make sure their IT Department was fitted with the right tools to address any tech-related requests and problems. Their previous solution, an in-house app that provided a web form to submit help desk requests, was not very flexible and came up short in a few key areas.

“We didn’t have a reliable way of tracking issues,” says Brad Canter, System Administrator at Bellisio Foods. “The solution that we were using was very hard to search and find previous fixes.”

The in-house app had no automation capabilities and was unable to integrate with email -- a feature that the company direly needed. The search feature was also clunky and unreliable, and there were limitations on how far back a user could search in the archives. In short, the company needed a better solution that would allow them to search and review their entire archive of help desk inquiries, hassle-free.


With the limitations of their current setup in mind, Bellisio set about finding the best possible solution for their needs. They needed software that could do it all, and in their research they considered around ten other solutions -- weighing the pros and cons of each --  before naming Issuetrak as the winner of their search.

What made Issuetrak stand out among the competition? Canter says that the software’s easy set-up and stress-free maintenance helped to make the final decision. Out of all of the software solutions in the running, Issuetrak was the most straightforward, the easiest to customize, and offered the largest suite of features for its cost.

“You won’t find a better tool for the money,” says Canter.


Since switching to Issuetrak, Bellisio’s IT help desk has become far more efficient, saving the company time and money in the process. Their quest for an effective search function has finally reached an end; with Issuetrak, searching for past problems happens at the click of a button, making it easier than ever to find fast solutions to repeat problems.

The department also integrated another useful feature: Issuetrak’s Asset Management. This feature allows users to store, manage, and track information about asset items such as computers, monitors, laptops, and more. The IT team can manage computer replacements faster and more efficiently with a log of asset information at their disposal -- Issuetrak makes it easy to know exactly what systems they have available and keeps a detailed maintenance history of each device."

"Issuetrak’s Support team has been helpful as well," says Canter. Any problems or hiccups have been swiftly dealt with and resolved in a matter of hours, keeping the team on-track to deliver top-notch IT support to everyone at Bellisio, every day. Between the responsive customer service, the useful capabilities of the Asset Management feature, and the effective search tool, Issuetrak is now an indispensable part of the Bellisio Foods IT help desk team.

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