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Superman. Batman. Green Lantern. Mere sidekicks compared with the true heroes who bring transformative change to their businesses.

Everyone's looking for an opportunity to stand out at their company and show just how valuable they are to the organization. You don't need to burn the candle at both ends and work endless nights and weekends to get that kind of attention, though. The key is to identify ongoing issues plaguing your business and present a viable solution. There's no better tool for the job than issue tracking software, and by taking the lead on its integration and adoption, you too can be the office hero. Here's how:

Productivity Foes Abound

Many businesses struggle with internal inefficiencies that ultimately drag on productivity. Case in point: IT help desk teams forced to manually track ticket requests with spreadsheets are likely to run into delays because there's no streamlined system to assign tasks and automatically send out notifications when tickets go unaddressed.

In fact, a recent Bain & Company study found the average company loses the equivalent of one day of productivity each week due to inefficient processes and workflow structures. If your company isn't getting the most out of its labor resources, then it's leaving a lot of money on the table.

It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ... It's Issue Tracking Software!

Stamping out the insidious threat of operational inefficiency is not a battle companies need to fight on their own. Issue tracking software can help businesses overhaul their internal workflows to drive greater productivity across the organization. The National Business Research Institute noted that technology can improve employee productivity as much as - if not more than - cultural or psychological initiatives.

Issue tracking software helps companies cut down on lost productivity due to things slipping through the cracks and the time needed to hunt them down. Going back to our IT help desk example, issue tracking software allows teams to immediately assign tasks to specific users as soon as a ticket is created. If a particular request is not fulfilled within a predetermined length of time, alert settings will notify the assigned individual. Those settings can even be configured to escalate issues to managers and department heads if tickets exceed an acceptable turnaround time.

Issue tracking software can help increase employee productivity.Issue tracking software can help increase employee productivity.


Be the Hero Your Company Deserves With Issuetrak

Issue tracking software is by no means an IT-only asset, either. It can drastically improve workflow management in any department and for any task that requires coordination across the entire organization. Consider resource and information sharing processes. Every department needs an efficient way to share key documents with co-workers, whether they pertain to a client's account, specific internal process or bringing new employees up to speed. When employees are left to create their own knowledge repositories, that can get pretty messy. They may lean on Post-it notes or spreadsheets that can only be viewed by certain users.

Issue tracking software lays the foundation to more easily share knowledge between employees and departments. This cuts down on time needed to find key documents or recreate lost training materials. The end result is a more productive, less frustrated workforce.

You don't need to wear a cape to be the office hero. By spearheading issue tracking software adoption, you'll have co-workers gazing in admiration in no time.

Learn more about issue tracking with software. Bring your department a solution that speeds up operations and be recognized as a hero.

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