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Business Challenge

For 15 years, Answer Quest Technologies, Inc. has delivered software training to organizations across the Mid-Atlantic region. When the company added web development services, it found a new and pressing need for a tool to manage client requests and the many details involved in web projects.

“Our clients would email us when they needed site changes or had email issues,” said Linda Link, President, Answer Quest Technologies. “With an email-based approach, there was no way to track what was done or which of my six technicians was handling it. Ultimately that meant it took longer to get back to clients.”

Link needed a way to direct client support emails directly to specific technicians – without coming to her first – enabling technicians to begin work immediately. She also wanted to see and report on past and current issues.

The Right Price for the Right Software

As a small business, Answer Quest is sensitive to pricing, but recognized that free customer support solutions can mean there’s no one to call if an issue arises. A friend pointed Link to Issuetrak.

“Issuetrak is the perfect solution. Its pricing model is affordable for a small business and offers the support we need,” Link said.

Answer Quest pays only for administrative users, not each client accessing the system, keeping costs down as the company grows. Plus, Issuetrak delivers a number of capabilities that enhance support for technicians and clients:

For clients, submitting a request is the same as it always has been; they simply send an email.

Issuetrak directs customer emails to the right technicians based on who the customer is and the nature of the question – ensuring that the request gets to the right person right way.

Clients can log into Issuetrak to look at the history and current status of their support requests.

When a technician accepts or addresses a ticket, the client contact automatically gets an email regarding the status.

Answer Quest turns to Issuetrak to manage the many tasks and files of a new web development project in one place: hosting, themes, design, content, and more. Those tasks and documents are under one ticket, instead of 100.

Answer Quest also tracks critical dates for clients’ sites, such as domain name expirations. Link runs reports to see all upcoming expirations well ahead of deadlines.

Contract technicians keep track of their hours in Issuetrak and no longer need to submit detailed invoices. Link views hours with Issuetrak reporting.

The company gives technicians access only to the clients to which they are assigned, rather than the entire client base.

With the mobile version, technicians address customer needs and update status wherever they are.

As hoped, Answer Quest gets fast support from Issuetrak when anything arises.


Issuetrak fills the role that Answer Quest needed – customer support – and much more. It’s become the hub for managing everything related to web development projects. “We have found ways to use Issuetrak that we never imagined,” Link said.

“Issuetrak is cutting 75 percent of the time I used to spend on customer support requests. I get hours back in my week that I can spend on getting new business.”

Linda Link, President

Technicians love the ability to take care of client issues anywhere, and customers appreciate a faster response, online access, and immediate notices about status changes. Now, nothing falls through the cracks and customers more often receive an answer or a resolution the same day.

Moving away from an email-based approach takes the burden off Link. Before, everything came to her first to assign out.

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