Admin Auditing Helps Issuetrak Users Track System Changes


Have you ever wished you could see an audit log of the changes made to your Issuetrak system settings? Or maybe you wanted to know which user made a certain system change, or see a record of changes over a particular period of time.

In Issuetrak 11.1 we’ve integrated an Admin Auditing feature which allows administrators to see a complete log of changes made to their system. This useful tool makes it easy for admins to review the configuration history of their Issuetrak site and pinpoint which users made what updates and when.

The audit log tracks:

  • What setting was changed
  • Approximately where the setting can be found
  • Who changed the setting
  • What the old value was
  • What the new value is
  • When it happened

Administrators can toggle Admin Auditing in the Features section of their System Settings menu. Once turned on, it will log edits made to the Issuetrak site, note the user responsible for the edits, and record the date and time. Admins can then export the data as an Excel file for analysis or auditing purposes.

How Can Admin Auditing Help?

Every company should keep detailed logs of their employees’ administrative actions. Even if your team already has a system in place for logging changes to users and configurations in your Issuetrak site, switching to Admin Auditing makes recording these changes instantaneous and hassle-free.

Stay Updated

Keep your team as informed as possible with details about your site’s organization and configuration. Admin auditing helps you seamlessly communicate these changes to coworkers via a well-documented log. Team members can review the log regularly to track how the site evolves over time. As entries begin to pile up, an easy-to-use search feature allows you to filter the results by date, area of the site, the performed action, and even user ID.

Help for Large or Remote Teams

Say an administrator in a large company gets notified that permissions for a certain area of the site have been changed without consent from management. Depending on the number of admins on the team, it might take a while to track down who made that change and ask about it. If the change was a major mistake or if it was done maliciously, that frustrating search could take even longer.

Admin Auditing helps users keep track of who did what and when. It’s a beneficial tool for large or remote teams that may not have the means to communicate with each other quickly. Team members can easily refer to the audit log for a quick answer to any questions they may have about configuration or permissions changes, and will know exactly who to contact for follow up if necessary.

Keep Information Secure

For every company, security should be paramount. Regular audits help organizations operate smoothly and safely, and alert administrators to any suspicious activities or unapproved changes to their site configurations. Issuetrak’s Admin Auditing feature provides an essential backlog of information that’s key in supporting a company’s data security measures. The logs can offer proof and protection in the event of a legal dispute, enforce transparency among team members, and hold employees accountable if a damaging error occurs.

Customer Support and Service Benefits

Admin auditing provides especially useful insights for companies that offer customer support solutions or other customer-facing services. At times, these companies need their customers to log into Issuetrak as users to submit issues and requests. Admin Auditing records the creation of each of these users and updates the log every time a user’s permissions change. Keeping track of these users, and their permissions becomes much easier when you can see and sort a comprehensive audit log at the touch of a button.

For more information about how to configure Admin Auditing in your Issuetrak site, check out our Help Center article.

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