15.6 Release: Enhanced Auditing Functionality

Autumn is here! Although pesky bugs may try to get in and escape from the cold, we’ve ensured total pest control against bugs in our newest 15.6 software release!

However, maintaining application stability is just the opening act. Issuetrak 15.6 truly shines a spotlight on our most coveted new asset management feature: auditing for Chromebook and Google devices

Chromebook Compatible: Our Auditing Family's Newest Member

When our customers spoke, we listened.

We've incorporated your feedback by adding two more capabilities in 15.6 to make your auditing process easier.

  • We save your sanity with the ability to audit Chrome devices via our Google applications integration.
  • We save you time with the ability to quickly access TrakAsset and TrakMac utilities.

As we build on our existing PC and Mac support, 15.6 now stretches our scope to cover Chromebook and Google devices as well. You’ll now benefit from greater functionality across multiple devices, keeping your team up-to-date and on track with auditing. Anywhere, anytime, on any device

If you already use Google Applications for Issuetrak's IEM, OEM, or identity management, then you’ll own this new auditing ability in just a few clicks:

An Auditing Feature For Today’s Automated World

TrakAsset will replace our previous TrakPC. You may not see much of a difference when using TrakAsset at first, but you’ll certainly feel the difference when your asset management becomes that much easier.

15.6’s TrakAsset features all the same deployment and compatibility—plus the added attribute of remote auditing capabilities. This enhanced remote mechanism lets you conduct auditing from anywhere at any time so you can deliver quotas, avoid human error in reports, and manage your business assets efficiently.

Our release notes direct you on precisely how to activate TrakAsset:

Version 15.6 In A Nutshell

As the curtain closes on TrakPC, the more modern remote technology of its replacement, TrakAsset, keeps your workflow flowing.

*For those using TrakPC, which will no longer receive updates, we strongly recommend you migrate to TrakAsset, which will receive regular updates from now on.

Additionally, you can easily import audits from your Google integrated devices. (That is, if you have set up a Google Application within Issuetrak first.) Here's how:

Ahead of the Curve

The professional world has shifted, depending more and more on automated functionality in the workplace. As your number 1 provider in technical customer support, Issuetrak delivers on its promise to keep you ahead of the curve and match your needs in real time. Therefore we strive not only to meet your needs—we anticipate how to support your future needs every step of the way through that shift.

Of course, what we’ve discussed here about cross-functionality and remote capability and is just the highlight reel. Get all the details in our release notes or, if you’re a premise customer, read this knowledge base article to get the latest upgrade. Cloud customers can expect to see these changes on October 18th after 10 p.m. ET.

Once you've had the chance to test drive on your Chromebook or with TrakAsset, tell us how we did! We’re always driving towards a better experience for you, because your success is our success.

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